Narratives vs Cycles - Bizarro World 245

Can you spot a narrative versus a cycle? 

Ancient hunters needed to accurately survey their surroundings for their safety and success. Their lives depended on it. 

Today, you need to do the same to survive in the jungle of the modern market.

This week’s episode of Investing in Bizarro World will help you dispel market myths and identify cycles, with a particular emphasis on the commodity sector. 

Then we look at where we are in the current commodity cycle through the lens of the last one. And we hunt for opportunities in the frame of my macro outlook for the next few quarters. 

Plus: I give a warning about the biggest upheaval in international finance since 1971, and other similar headlines.

And then I answer two viewer questions: 

  • What does the financing environment look like for the gold space in 2024?
  • Are there any overlooked commodities or companies I’m eying up? 

It’s all in episode 245 of Investing in Bizarro World

0:00 Intro
0:36 Narratives vs. Cycles
5:20 Where Are We in the Commodity Cycle?
9:15 What Are Resource Stocks Pricing In?
14:10 The Biggest Upheaval in International Finance Since 1971
15:36 Financing Sentiment in the Gold Space
19:10 Bravo Mining & Overlooked Commodities

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