What Will Work in the Commodity Sector? - Bizarro World 243

Last week, Gerardo and I presented at the New Orleans Investment Conference. It was a pleasure to meet several of you there. 

As we’ve done for a few years now, we recorded an episode of our Investing in Bizarro World podcast “live” from the conference. Our topic this year was: What Hasn’t Worked, What’s Working, and What Will Work — particularly as it relates to the commodity and precious metal sectors. 

It’s a special treat because not only do you get me and Gerardo together in the same room, you also get the accompanying slides as part of the video. You’ll want to check it out because we get into individual company names in the “What Will Work” part of the podcast. 

Regular readers will likely know that we’re bullish on lithium and uranium, and we touch on those in this week’s episode. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t let you know about one lithium opportunity we’ve been tracking that has drill results due out by the end of this month. Gerardo tells me it has all the same hallmarks as his Patriot Battery Metals recommendation, which went from 16-cents to $17 after drill results came out. See why Gerardo thinks this stock has similar 100X gain potential in this video before results come out later this month.

0:00 Intro
2:22 What Hasn’t Worked
9:49 What’s Working
27:23 What Will Work

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