Infrastructure Injections and Commodity Tailwinds

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Geopolitical and domestic events are causing a rise in alternative investment classes as people look for havens for their money. 

Infrastructure Injections and Commodity Tailwinds

1. Golden Tailwinds

A number of factors are causing gold’s price to rise as people remember that it’s a store of value. Between geopolitical issues and domestic issues, its price is going up and will likely keep on that upward trajectory. Learn all about what’s causing the surge and how it’s likely to play out. 

2. Biden’s Billions - Blue Water

The Biden Administration recently announced a $1.3 billion plan to build new power lines. It’s no secret that the US desperately needs new electrical infrastructure, and this project, which will build three new interstate power lines through six states, is just one. It will provide 3.5 gigawatts of energy, enough to power 3 million homes. More projects like this will be coming, and they’ll all need copper. Here’s how you can profit from the demand.

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3. Bitcoin’s Hot Streak

Bitcoin held at 35,000, has moved on to 37,000 and seems poised to only continue going up from there. It survived the recent selloff and now looks to be breaking out. Now is the time to be buying into the cryptocurrency market and you can learn all about how to do that by clicking here. 

4. Tesla’s Cheap EV

Tesla was first to the table in the EV race, and now it wants to be the name everyone thinks of when it comes to cheap EVs. The company is reportedly planning to build a $27,000 car at its Gigafactory in Berlin. This could start a whole new race between car companies and put more pressure on demand for lithium. Here’s how you can profit from that. 

What to Look For:

Cryptocurrency looks to be running away, and gold is holding steady at higher levels. These are trends that are likely to continue.

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Ryan Stancil
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