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Protect Your Retirement While the Economy Worsens

Retirement account balances have been taking a hit all year, and it’s not likely to improve any time soon. Ryan Stancil shares how to protect your wealth...

Lithium Stocks Worth Buying Now

The lithium sector has been on fire at record highs. Gerardo Del Real shares how many lithium mines needed, and which lithium stocks are worth buying now...

Lithium Shortage Means Higher Lithium Prices

Gerardo Del Real explains that despite Goldman Sachs lithium forecast, the supply & demand points to a lithium shortage & higher lithium prices in the future.

Twitter Is Cheap Compared to What Elon is Spending on Lithium

John Carl explains why Elon Musk’s bid for Twitter is cheap compared to what he’s paying for Tesla’s lithium, and why it’s a boom market for lithium stocks.

Gold Investing: The Only True Safe Haven

Mike Fagan explains with the Nasdaq down 30% on the year, and with Cryptos in freefall, investors are taking refuge in the world’s true safe haven asset: gold

Top Lithium Stock Lies - Bizarro World 195

Hosts Nick Hodge and Gerardo Del Real talk about the markets, what theyre investing in and the crazy stuff going on with a lot of the crazies all around us.

Why Uranium Investing is the Way to Go

Ryan Stancil explains that uranium is the fastest-growing sector of the next decade. That’s why you need to get in on the uranium stocks that will take off.

What to Buy as Debt Rises

Consumer debt is rising, and this holiday spending season may be a muted one because of it. Ryan Stancil shares some of the sectors still poised to do well.

Investing in a Recession

Foundational Profits editor Nick Hodge breaks down the stock market, interest rates, & earnings to show you how to invest during a recession and bear market.

Popular Crypto Exchange FTX Just Imploded

Chris Curl explains that he FTX/Alameda saga is unfolding by the day. It highlights the significant importance of self-custody and decentralization in crypto.

We Beat The Market... AGAIN - November Foundational Profits Issue

Nick Hodge announces the release of the Nov Foundational Profits Issue - giving a macro update, personal allocations, and personal recommendations! Right here

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