DPC Market Commentary

Finding profit in commodity pullbacks

Commodity prices have been pulling back, which leads to a buying opportunity in what will be a bull market. Plus, Apples AI play revealed.

Positioning in the 2024 AI Buyout Frenzy

Triple-digit gains are now the norm as smaller AI innovators are scooped up by Big-Tech. Our own John Carl and Chris Curl show you precisely how to position.

Franklin Templeton's CEO on Blockchain and Fintech at Consensus 2024

Explore how Franklin Templeton is leveraging blockchain, AI, and fintech advancements to transform asset management, as discussed by CEO Jenny Johnson.

The Resource Bull Market We've Been Waiting for Is Here - June Junior Resource Monthly Issue

Fortunes will be made by those who position correctly. Here are my top copper and gold stocks...

Low-priced private placement opportunity in copper discovery

With copper in short supply and prices high, do not miss this exclusive private placement opportunity on a micro-cap copper firm with multiple discoveries...

New Applications for AI Investment

Chip stocks like Nvidia are just the start. Heres where the next round of AI stock profits are going to come from.

Single Best Copper Explorer of the Next 3-5 Years - Bizarro World 273

A company named Bravo Mining that we follow and recommend recently made a major new iron-oxide-copper-gold discovery of global importance.

Intel's AI push and copper's climbing demand

Intel makes its push for AI while copper gains more attention. Both of these are sectors investors should be watching and looking to buy into.

Nvidia's 10-to-1 success

Nvidias stock hit a record high, prompting a 10-to-1 stock split and rewarding investors. Find out whats next for Nvidia...

Bullish Take on Commodities and Strategic Plays

I appeared on the KE Report this month to share my insights on the macro economic landscape, the commodity sector, and resource stocks.

Exploring the Future of AI and Blockchain

Discover how AI and blockchain are revolutionizing industries and find out about the best under the radar AI investment opportunities.

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