DPC Market Commentary

Inflating Commodities & Countries

Commodity prices are moving higher as inflation hangs around, but countries across the world are adapting and even growing despite higher prices.

Consumers put McDonald's on notice

Consumers have had it with retail price hikes, copper continues to perform, and it seems like no one can stop Nvidia. Heres what happened.

What $5 Copper Means for America

Demand for copper is growing, even as production faces global shortfalls. Now that the price of copper has hit $5, whats ahead for America?

BlackRock is betting big on Ethereum

Chris Curl called for an approved Ethereum ETF for months when all the experts said it wouldnt happen.

How to profit while copper enjoys the spotlight

Coppers big moment is here...

The Resource Bull Market We've Been Waiting for Is Here - May Junior Resource Monthly Issue

Fortunes will be made by those who position correctly. Here are my top copper and gold stocks...

May Digital Dispatch Issue

John Carl gives new investment recommendations in the Digital Dispatch issue for May 2024.

Put Inflation in Your Stock Account - May Foundational Profits Issue

Nick Hodge gives new investment recommendations in the Foundational Profits issue for May 2024.

Gold Stocks Get Bullish

With gold at record prices near $2,400, gold stocks are now getting bullish and it is time to buy them.

A Deep Dive on Private Placements - Bizarro World 270

Are private placements for you? Find out from two professional accredited investors in this podcast episode.

Bull markets abound. Here's how to profit.

Several different sectors are having a moment as bull markets take them to new highs. Here is where investors can make their money right now.

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