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The Problem? Electric Vehicles are Gobbling Up America’s Power Grid

John Carl explains that record numbers of electric vehicles have been sold. The problem is that EVs are eating up America’s power grid faster than predicted.

Virtual Power Plants Are the Grid Solution Texans Are Dying For

Americas power grid endures deadly failures due to extreme temperatures, Mike Fagan explains that virtual power plants are emerging as a profitable solution.

Luna Is Crypto’s First Hyperinflationary Collapse

Editor Chris Curl discusses the failure of algorithmic stablecoins, most notably Luna (Terra), which collapsed from $100 to zero in a matter of a few weeks.

Bear Traps??? Not for These Guys! - Bizarro World 169

Nick Hodge and Gerardo Del Real jump into various markets that are getting smoked, and why a bearish and defensive tactic is not a bad idea in light of this.

How Gold Can Protect Your Portfolio

Whether it’s the threat of inflation, a volatile stock market, or political uncertainty Ryan Stancil explains investors can turn to gold to protect portfolios

Governor Newsom Embraces Cryptocurrencies in California

California Governor Gavin Newsom has issued an Executive Order embracing cryptocurrencies and blockchain companies, which will help facilitate their adoption.

America Needs to Stop Buying Putin’s Uranium

Russia, through Rosatom, and its allies, has dominated the global uranium market for years. The US is waking up and looking for ways to produce uranium...

Falling Stocks and Ensuing World Chaos- Bizarro World 168

The stock market falls and world chaos ensues. Nick Hodge and Gerardo Del Real discuss these ramifications, gold and the Supreme Court landmark decision...

Nick Hodge’s Foundational Profits Is Beating the Bear Market

Editor Nick Hodge describes positioning Foundational Profits members ahead of the current bear market in stocks, including selling tech stocks in Dec 2021.

Now is the Time to Buy Uranium

Ryan Stancil discusses why uranium supply and demand issues, made worse by Russia’s war, make any pullbacks a buy the dip opportunity for uranium stocks.

The Legacy of James Dines & The Dines Letter

Nick Hodge will be carrying on the legacy of The Dines Letter, Wall Street’s longest running newsletter, written and edited by Mr. James Dines since 1960...

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