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Energy Stocks Still Inflating: Weekly Market Update

Oil is now near two year highs, and energy stocks continue to be the best sector in the market. Other commodities like copper, PGMs, and silver also look good

What I Told the CNBC Guy About Inflation

In this week’s episode of Bizarro World, Gerardo and I cover the inflation narrative now being told in the mainstream media: namely that it’s transitory.

Bizarro World Episode 122: The Rolling Blackouts Are Transitory

The inflation narrative now being told in the mainstream media, namely that it’s transitory, and how none of those talking heads warned of coming inflation.

Why I Love the Market

Owning the things that are inflating fastest is the key to winning this game.

Biden’s Plans for Russia

With the fanfare of a highly anticipated heavyweight fight, the leaders of the United States and Russia met at a summit in Geneva, Switzerland on Wednesday...

The Biggest Cannabis Acquisitions of 2021

What does the future of the cannabis industry look like?

Buy the Transitory Inflation Dip: Weekly Market Update

Do you own the things that are inflating? Have you owned oil stocks as they inflated over the past six months? Does it matter if you're making money?

Is Hydrogen Worth Investing In?

Green hydrogen has the potential to solve many of the global south’s energy problems more cleanly — and perhaps even more cheaply — than fossil fuels...

Nuclear Plant Hacked

This isn't the first time a key piece of energy infrastructure has been attacked remotely by hackers, and it’s unlikely to be the last…

Bizarro World Episode 121: Cryptos & Culebras

Nick and Gerardo discuss the week’s market action before launching into an extended discussion about cryptocurrencies and their adoption.

Congress Actually Agreed on Something

China has been growing economically and militarily, taking a bigger role on the world stage. U.S. has been taking that growth seriously.

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