DPC Market Commentary

Restoring Accountability: The End of Chevron Deference

Explore the implications of the Supreme Courts decision and what it means for American liberty and regulatory reform.

Beating the Record-Breaking Stock Market - July Foundational Profits Issue

Nick Hodge gives new investment recommendations in the Foundational Profits issue for July 2024.

Ramping up our metals exposure in 2H 2024; new private placement opportunity in lithium

The second half of 2024 is bringing new energy to the metals the world needs most, were bringing you exclusive mining picks with outsized return potential.

Exclusive Silver Stock IPO Opportunity

The IPO is being done at 30-cents. It likely won’t stay that low once it starts trading.

Nuclear Melt-Up: Uranium Stock Bull Market Continues

A long-term nuclear and uranium stock bull market is underway and is gearing up for the next leg higher.

Mortgage Protection Insurance Scam

Beware of this mortgage protection insurance scam if you recently bought or refinanced a home or mortgage.

The Resource Bull Market We've Been Waiting for Is Here - July Junior Resource Monthly Issue

Fortunes will be made by those who position correctly. Here are twelve stocks I am positioning in now.

Gold Stocks at 52-Week Highs - Bizarro World 277

Gold has broken back above $2,400 as the market prices in a September rate cut, sending gold mining stocks to 52-week highs.

The restart of Three Mile Island

Theres talk of restarting one of the reactors at Three Mile Island. AMD makes a move in the AI market and gold inflates. Heres what happened.

Macroeconomic Market Movers and Strategic Investing

Each month I join The KE Report and talk about the markets and my position.

Where is Tesla's Stock Headed Next?

Tesla has seen a lot of bumps in the road, but is now up 76% since April. But can they keep it going?

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