DPC Market Commentary

Dissipating Wealth Effect to Drive GDP Lower

A dissipating wealth effect is adding downward pressure on an already precarious market environment. Here’s how to prepare your portfolio for gains in 2023.

SEC vs. LBRY & Ripple: A Look at the Ongoing Court Battles of Crypto Projects

The SEC Settles with LBRY, Inc. on Securities Claim, Crypto Community Wins - Why This Ruling is a Big Win for the Crypto Industry and Regulation Going Forward

A Mid-Cycle Commodity Update - Bizarro World 203

Nick Hodge and Gerardo Del Real are at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference this week. They discuss the commodity cycle and the CRB commodity index.

ChatGPT Investing: Boom or Bust?

ChatGPT is the big investment story right now. But is it worth investing in? Learn what it is, why its getting so much attention, and what the future holds.

Uranium News: Investing in Targeted Alpha Therapy

Targeted Alpha Therapy, or TAT, uses intense light energy to target cancer cells in humans. Here’s how to invest in the rare medical isotopes needed in TAT.

The Surprising Reason Behind Coinbase’s Delisting of Certain Cryptocurrencies

Chris Curl explains Coinbase’s delisting of cryptocurrencies may be tied to ISO 20022, SWIFT & a new financial system using central bank digital currencies.

Income Investing with Dividend Paying Stocks

You can generate income by investing in dividend paying stocks. Nick Hodge covers Dividend Reinvestment Plans & stocks that pay monthly & quarterly dividends.

Is ChatGPT the Next Big Investment Opportunity?

You’ve probably seen a lot of headlines about ChatGPT lately. What is it? Why is it such a big deal? Find out the answers and how it could make you some money

Greta, Staged Climate Controversies, and Nuclear Energy - Bizarro World 202

Is the bear market in stocks over? Are we still in a commodity supercycle? Is the Fed overtightening? Nick Hodge and Gerardo Del Real answer these and more.

Safeguard Your Wealth As Sentiment Turns Sour

It looks like the downturn could finally be starting. Things are looking grim economically, but you can still thrive. Here’s how you can invest to thrive...

What Is Targeted Alpha-Particle Therapy?

Targeted Alpha-Particle Therapy uses intense light energy, or lasers, to send alpha particles directly to the targeted tumor site via Linear Energy Transfer.

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