DPC Market Commentary

Bezos… The Trillionaire?

This paints a picture of just how competitive the commercial space industry is poised to become...

The Big Market Moves Playing Out Right Now

It is your responsibility to separate and insulate yourself from — and profit in spite of — governmental policy that is detrimental to your way of life ...

Will You Be Erased with the Rest of the Middle Class?

As growth slows from the reopening while inflation continues, a new profit cycle is emerging. See how to get ahead of it and profit from it.

Stimulated to Death

Your government continues to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. If you want to be wealthy you have to earn it...

Top Stocks for Second Half of 2021

Volatility gets people talking about a turning or a rotation of the cycle...What's changing is that different sectors are leading now...

Bizarro World Episode 127: The Pinch of Inflation

Nick & Gerardo discuss the market rotation that's underway and how it relates to yields, energy, real estate, and gold. Plus: Inflation and Wealth Inequality.

The Next Major Source of Wealth Creation

One Earth-bound crisis private space projects could help solve is the looming helium shortage.

The Most Fertile Ground for Tenbaggers

It’s much easier to allocate capital when you have mega trends behind you and much easier to maximize gains when identifying early stage opportunities...

Bull Market Is Rotating, Not Ending — Yet

A change in markets is at hand. With bond yields softening, new sectors like real estate are starting to lead instead of energy and financials.

Mining Space: Star Gas, Base Metals, Gold

There’s far more money to be made bringing precious materials back down from space than there is sending rich folks up into it...

Bizarro World Episode 126: The Polarization of Nuttiness

We discuss the class warfare that's playing out on a global scale. Plus: gold, inflation, uranium, and much more.

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