DPC Market Commentary

Uranium Stocks Still Rising: How to Maximize Gains

Uranium stocks continue to heat up. We covered the entire sector, from the Sprott Physical Uranium Trust to supply and demand fundamentals.

Inflation Stocks Outlook for 2021 and Beyond

Daily Profit Cycle editor Nick Hodge discusses inflation's role with rising asset prices and his favorite ways to play inflation stocks for 2021 and beyond.

Bizarro World Episode 139: Retrograde Ending

Hosts Nick Hodge and Gerardo Del Real discuss a wide range of topics including bitcoin, oil & gas, copper, inflation and precious metals.

How to Profit From the Energy Price Crisis

Editor Ryan Stancil shares why energy prices are climbing and the clean energy source that will help get us away from fossil fuels for good.

Why Successful Investors Ignore the Mainstream Financial Media

Daily Profit Cycle editor Nick Hodge explains why following the mainstream press is a horrible idea for investors and what they should do instead.

Profiting from Inflation's Impact to the Stock Market

Daily Profit Cycle editor Gerardo Del Real reveals how inflation's impact on the stock market can lead to big profits for investors.

The REAL Reason for the Microchip Shortage

Nick Hodge dives deep into the global semiconductor chip shortage. Specifically, the materials needed and why there were looming supply chain implications...

Top Tax Loss Resource Stocks to Buy Now

Gerardo and Jeff Phillips discuss why buying stocks that others are selling at this time of year can be so profitable...

Do You Trust the Media?

Daily Profit Cycle editor Ryan Stancil explains why so many Americans distrust mainstream media and why independent media is so important.

Bizarro World Episode 138: The State is Not Your Friend

Hosts Nick Hodge and Gerardo Del Real reveal what's next in the commodity melt-up and how you can invest in it... Plus, cryptos, real estate, and much more.

The Crypto and Commodities Bull Market Rages On

Daily Profit Cycle editor Nick Hodge explains why investors need to tune out the noise and invest in the raging crypto and commodities bull market.

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