DPC Market Commentary

Fresh Government Billions Drive Nuclear Stocks

Nick Hodge explains that governments realize they can’t live without nuclear energy. The Inflation Reduction Act approved billions for nuclear energy/uranium.

Recession, Inflation, and the Coming Layoff Crisis

Ryan Stancil explains that a labor crisis looms as more & more companies announce layoffs. How bad is it going to get & what will it look like in a few months

Is The Bear Market Over? - Bizarro World 181

Hosts Nick Hodge and Gerardo Del Real ask the big question: is the bear market over? They also dive into why there may be more pain ahead in the market.

How We Avoided the Solana Wallet Hack

Chris Curl discusses the recent Solana wallet hack: how it happened, who was impacted, and how he kept Crypto Cycle readers safe with Phantom and Trust wallet

Crypto’s ‘Apple Store’ Moment

Editor Chris Curl explains that the Solana Foundation is opening retail stores introducing crypto, decentralized finance, decentralized applications, and Web3

Are You Smarter than the Fed?

John Carl explains why its not easy for Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell to set economic monetary policy that curbs inflation and spurs market growth.

A Life Preserver for Drowning in Debt & Inflation

Inflations eating away at a chunk of every American’s budget & people are doing what they need to get by. Ryan Stancil shares what to do to beat the trend.

The Fed Is Trapped

Gerardo Del Real explains that the economy is slowing down significantly. We are in a recession and stagflation is the most likely result- see how to profit.

Fears of Recession & World War III - Bizarro World 180

Hosts Nick Hodge and Gerardo Del Real explain that the bear market rally continues with stocks higher throughout July & Aug. Is this a recession? Or WWIII?

Will the Mt. Gox Bitcoin Release Cause Liquidation?

Years ago, Mt. Gox, the 1st Bitcoin exchange, was hacked- 850,000 bitcoins were taken. Chris Curl shares that the stolen Bitcoin is being released to owners.

Why Uranium Will Power Space Exploration

John Carl explains why nuclear power is the only way science can reach the stars and why American uranium mining will define the future of all space travel.

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