The Resource Billionaires Are Fighting Over

What do the insiders know that we don’t? 

That’s a question that often comes up in investing. By the time a sector, technology, or individual company takes off in value, it’s become too expensive to buy into for many investors, and those who got in early have already cashed out. 

Often, those early investors are the billionaires and institutions that exist largely to take advantage of these kinds of plays before anyone else. They hear about opportunities early, get in, and benefit while most people have no idea what’s going on. 

It’s how many of them grew their wealth to begin with, and it’s one thing that helps keep them wealthy. 

And now it’s looking like a new wealth-building opportunity is starting to emerge. 

Think about all the news you hear about the ongoing energy crisis. In response to climate change and the desire to get away from coal, we often hear about advances in solar power, wind power, and electric cars. 

Companies are constantly innovating in those sectors, and nations are rushing to implement these technologies to keep the lights on. 

But now, one thing that’s being looked at is nuclear fusion. 

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This is a process in which at least two atomic nuclei combine to form a massive nucleus. When that happens, a massive amount of energy gets released. Stars operate on this principle, and trying to create it here on Earth as a way to power modern living has long been one of science’s holy grails. 

If successful, it would mean nearly boundless clean energy without any greenhouse gas emissions. Coal would be replaced overnight and one small portion of fusion would power thousands of homes.

With the importance being placed on getting rid of fossil fuels, billionaires see an opportunity in this race for clean energy. Nuclear fusion is one of the possible ways to play it. 

The names you’d expect - Gates, Bezos, Branson, Thiel - have put investment dollars into various plays that could help bring about this technology to a scale where it can genuinely help fight climate change. 

Combined, their investments come to about $1 billion. They know that any company that helps achieve that will be one of the biggest investment stories of the decade, if not the century. 

One problem keeping this from becoming a reality is the lack of a key component needed to keep the fusion reactors running. The massive amounts of energy generated during a fusion reaction can cause a reactor to overheat, so it needs a coolant. 

Helium is the perfect element for the job because it can withstand those massive temperatures, removing the heat from the reactor and protecting the components that make up the reactor. 

So its role in a fusion reactor makes it an important part of the clean energy future. 

The only problem is that we’re running out of helium.

The Resource Billionaires Are Fighting Over

Dwindling helium supply has been an issue for years, and it’s something that’s only gotten worse because we keep finding more uses for it. Most people only know it for party balloons but the healthcare industry relies on it to keep MRI machines operating. 

It’s also used in rocket engines, car airbags, and chip manufacturing. 

And now we have clean energy on top of all of that. 

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So everyone is fighting over what little of the resource is left out there. That means the price goes up and any company that can reliably produce it is going to attract all kinds of investments. 

One small company, right here in the US, sees the opportunity in that and is getting ready to take advantage in just a few short weeks. 

It’s the first company to produce helium in North America in years. Once its plant goes online, it’s perfectly positioned to corner the market and profit. 

That’s why its share price, currently around 40 cents, could multiply many, many times in just the next two years. 

Not many people know about this company, just like they don’t know how serious the situation with helium is. But billionaire investors do, which is why they are investing in helium. It helps their ambitions with fusion, and it goes far beyond that too.  

Learn the details about this company and why the situation makes an argument for helium investing. 

The company’s plant goes active on July 1. If you get in before then, you have the chance to profit from what’s sure to be one of the best helium stocks in the sector. 

Ryan Stancil

Ryan Stancil
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle