A Primer on Investing in Helium Stocks - Bizarro World 220

Gold is getting more popular. We discuss why it’s been down recently but also why it’s still bullish. Cathie Wood is turning into a contrarian indicator a la Jim Cramer. Not only did she dump all her Nvidia shares, but she also mis-called the lithium market. Is the bottom in on lithium? Not if you listen to the companies who need it and are buying it. The government continues to back new nuclear projects, which is good for uranium. And there’s been a recent disconnect between the price of uranium and the uranium equities that you can put to use. Plus: A primer on investing in helium stocks. It’s all in episode 220 of Investing in Bizarro World

0:00 Intro
1:43 DeSantis
2:50 The Word Is Getting Out About Gold
5:32 Cathie Contrarian Wood, AI Narrative, Ongoing Bubble
11:17 Lithium Bottom In?
16:28 Uranium Disconnect & Government Support
21:58 A Helium Primer
28:17 Market Watching

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