Swinging for Life-Changing Gains in the Helium Space

I’ve been speculating in the critical metals space for over 13 years now, first dabbling with it in 2010-11 during the brief but very profitable rare earth mania.

That run led to several quadruple digit gains that informed — and spoiled — a lot of how I approach speculating in the resource space.

All of the stocks I profited from would eventually take a round trip back as metallurgical challenges, geopolitical shifts, and lack of political will here at home sent prices back to earth.

I was able to get involved in the space and lock in profits not because I was some sort of investing prodigy but because I had a mentor and network that had seen multiple markets like the one that developed.

Fast forward to 2023 and there is once again a critical metals market that could prove to be as profitable and potentially even more profitable than that rare earth market that wet my beak 13 years ago. 

The market I’m talking about is opaque, not well researched, and small with few real opportunities to profit. I’m talking about helium.

Swinging for Life-Changing Gains in the Helium Space.

My colleague and Daily Profit Cycle editor Mike Fagan recently wrote about helium accounting for around 25% of the atoms in the universe and it being a non-renewable resource here on Earth meaning our supply of helium will not last forever. 

In fact, we’re running out of helium and it is having real world implications far beyond expensive birthday party balloons. 

So when my friend and colleague Nick Hodge started sharing a helium play that he feels can deliver the kind of gains I swing for — my ears perked up. 

That conversation subsequently led to Nick putting together a special report outlining the helium space, why it’s rarer than gold with 10x more applications, and how he plans on profiting from it.

I highly encourage you to take a look.

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Gerardo Del Real

Gerardo Del Real
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle