A Preview of 2024: Fed, Commodities, Stocks - Bizarro World 248

It’s time for a preview of 2024. 

We do that this week through the lens of the Fed’s recent announcement that they intend to cut rates next year. 

When those cuts materialize is very important. And the market is currently sending conflicting signals. Not only is the market pricing in more cuts than the Fed signaled, the yield curve is still saying we have a recession coming. 

It’s akin to a game of market musical chairs. We’ll help you get positioned for when the music stops. 

We also take a look at several commodities, including gold, lithium, copper, and uranium. Uranium has been the strongest of late, and you can see how we’re profiting from that here. We give a preview of what to expect with commodities in the new year. 

We also look for contrarian opportunities, with cannabis and utility stocks getting callouts. 

And we wrap up with two anecdotes. One about newsletter promotion stocks and the warnings we gave you earlier this year about disruptive battery technologies. And one about how Reno has been successfully addressing its homelessness problem. 

It’s all in episode 248 of Investing in Bizarro World.

Happy holidays from our team to you! 

0:00 Intro
1:38 How Dovish Is the Fed?
6:15 Gold: Levels, News, What’s Next? 
10:18 A Moment in Commodity Time: Lithium, Copper, Uranium
19:29 Contrarian Outlook: Cannabis & Utilities
22:52 A Battery Stock ‘Told You So’
27:50 How Reno’s Solving Homelessness

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