2024, The Election, and Your Portfolio - Bizarro World 251

We’ve got your back as the world gets weird. 

At least when it comes to helping you navigate the markets and giving you our uncut worldview, which so few can or want to do these days. 

One of our views is that the world is undergoing a dramatic generational change — what authors Neil Howe and William Strauss, the same pair who coined the term “Millennial”, have dubbed a Fourth Turning — that is set to reach its climax sometime in the next 6-8 years.

You may have heard us discuss it in previous editorials and podcasts. We kick off this new year with an update on The Fourth Turning, and what it means for the upcoming presidential election and for markets. 

(Later this week, on the 11th, I’ll be sending you a free informational video on what the election means for your portfolio and how to prepare. So keep an eye out for that.)

In the meantime, you get a little preview of that line of thinking in episode 251 of Investing in Bizarro World

You also get a discussion of gold, which closed out 2023 above $2,000 and remains above that level. You get a macro and commodity update

And you get a taste of what we’ll be looking for at the Vancouver Investment Resource Conference, which we’ll be heading to later this month. 

It’s all in episode 251 of Investing in Bizarro World. 

0:00 Intro
1:45 Epstein List
8:53 Gold’s New Higher Base
12:33 Private Placement: MineHub Technologies
18:47 Macro & Commodity Recap: Dollar, Silver, Copper, Uranium
25:49 Vancouver Resource Investment Conference: What to Look for in 2024
31:33 Election & Fourth Turning Update

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