Is Joe Biden Invincible in 2024?

I won’t be voting for him.

I don’t support him.

I’m no fan of his multi trillion-dollar spending bills... or any part of his 52 years as a career politician.

Maybe you agree… poll after poll shows he’s unpopular, with majorities consistently disapproving of his time in office.

Even so... I believe Joe Biden will be re-elected in a landslide in 2024. 

Is Joe Biden Invincible in 2024?

And not only that... he will go down in history as one of America’s greatest Presidents, on par even with Abe Lincoln or George Washington.

My guess is you think that’s ridiculous... that there’s no way Biden will be remembered as anything but a bumbling old man who presided over sky-high inflation.

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But as I’ll show you in a brand new video later this week... None of Biden’s weaknesses, failures, and current unpopularity will matter in November 2024.

As you read this, a force is building in America.

It’s a force on a level that America has only seen three times before... and each time, it has created life-changing wealth for millions.

This revolution is already well underway. And as it picks up speed, history is very clear on what will happen.

First, living standards will rise for just about every American, as trillions of dollars’ worth of new economic activity floods into virtually every corner of America.

Second, rapidly falling prices... and an end to the inflationary nightmare that’s characterized the first years of Biden’s term.

And third... this new wealth will lift every elected leader in America, but especially the President.

It will cause millions of people to warm to Joe Biden, as they credit him with the immense new prosperity that’s transformed their lives.

The groundswell of appreciation — even adulation — will boost Biden’s ratings to the stratosphere even as many Republicans call for his second term.

And it will make Joe Biden invincible in 2024.

Please understand, I don’t want this to happen.

But it’s going to happen all the same.

I know how improbable this sounds today... After all, Biden is no one’s idea of a political juggernaut.

It took a global pandemic and the economic fallout from it to get him into office by the skin of his teeth in 2020... and he’s only gotten more unpopular during his presidency.

And while I oppose him on most policies, he’s also not getting any younger. I know plenty of eighty-something year olds who are still sharp as a tack… and he’s not one of them.

But as I’ll show you on Thursday, January 11th.

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Something much bigger than either Biden’s or Trump’s age or personalities will completely upend the 2024 election.

Not only will it mint countless millionaires over the next few years… it will also transform this feeble, tongue-tied politician into an iconic figure in U.S. history.

It’s bigger than the Great Recession of 2008. Bigger than the multitrillion-dollar rise of the crypto industry…And it’s even bigger than the artificial intelligence boom that Goldman Sachs forecasts will create $7 trillion in new wealth.

What’s happening before our eyes is bigger than all of these forces... combined.

In the presentation later this week, I’ll show you exactly what’s happening... and why Larry Fink, the CEO and chairman of BlackRock, which has $8.5 trillion under management, calls this a “fundamental re-shaping of finance.”

You’ll see why it will allow Joe Biden to coast to re-election... just like similar forces have guaranteed the re-elections of three struggling Presidents before him.

Believe me, I have no interest in scaring you.

In fact, I want to stress that the next few years will bring enormous new prosperity for most Americans.

This new force will create thousands of new millionaires. It will send the stock market to heights that are unthinkable today.

Millions of new jobs will be created... and inflation will finally fall and become an afterthought for most Americans.

I will show you how to get positioned on Thursday.

Call it like you see it,

Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge
Publisher, Daily Profit Cycle