Why the Commodity Supercycle is the 'Trade of the Decade'

A new commodity supercycle kicked off in 2020.

At the time, we were told inflation was “transitory” as commodities quickly ran to record prices on the back of stimulus checks and money printing by both the outgoing Trump and incoming Biden. 

You will of course remember the memes about lumber and gas prices. A trip to Home Depot meant you were a millionaire. 

That was Phase 1 of the supercycle. 

Inflation has since cooled a bit, leading to a pullback in commodities in 2022 and 2023.

But the embers of inflation and the commodity supercycle have not been extinguished. 

Indeed, they have been smoldering, ready to reignite. 

And that is happening now. 

uranium report

You’ve probably noticed at the pump. 

Gasoline futures ran to all-time highs north of $4.00 when this supercycle started. They then got cut in half. And now they’re moving higher once again. It’s easy to see on this chart: 

gasoline chart

But it isn’t just gasoline. 

All commodities move in cycles and follow similar patterns. To pick something completely different from gasoline, here is a chart of sugar futures to illustrate my point. 

sugar chart

The pattern should be clear to you. 

If it isn’t, here is the entire CRB Commodity Index — which is made up of 19 hard and soft commodities — showing the last supercycle and the early phases of the current one. 

commodity index chart

These cycles have occurred like clockwork going back 100 years. And fortunes were made each time. 

This time is no different. 

In Phase 1 of this current commodity supercycle, we made literal millions alongside our readers. 

We were in stocks that went up thousands of percent. Over 10,000% in some cases. 

You might be tired of us talking about Patriot Battery Metals. But it’s a perfect example of the kinds of speculative resource stock gains that can be made in a supercycle. 

We were able to get in at 16-cents right at the beginning of this cycle and ride it to highs over $17.00. 

If you missed out on those and many other gains we delivered in Phase 1 of this new commodity supercycle, fear not. 

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Phase 2 is kicking off now. 

And that’s why, on March 28th, we’ll be bringing you our special commodity supercycle webinar. 

I will host and Gerardo, my partner and our in-house resource expert, will be there to walk us through past supercycles and his playbook for this one. 

He has identified and will share the three commodities he expects to have the best near-term run. And he will outline one stock that he’s speculating on in each of those commodities to deliver Patriot-type gains. 

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Inflation is reigniting all around you. And these commodities are taking back off in a hurry. 

Lithium is up 20% in the past few weeks. Copper is back over $4.00 for the first time in a year. Cocoa is already at all-time record high prices, up 90% the past three months. Gold is trading at levels no human has ever seen before. 

And we are putting that inflation in our accounts. 

That’s why we’re calling this event the ‘Trade of the Decade.’ 

We hope to see you there. 

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Call it like you see it,

Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge
Publisher, Daily Profit Cycle