What Will Turn Commodities Around? - Bizarro World 258

It’s a big week for us here at Digest Publishing. 

It’s also a big week for you. 

Tomorrow we’ll be launching Gerardo’s latest research on gold and the gold market. He’ll cover the fundamentals, how the smart money is betting on gold, and how you can get positioned ahead of the next major gold stock run. 

It will be in your inbox tomorrow. So be sure to keep an eye out for it. 

Until then, the latest episode of Investing in Bizarro World is now live. 

We spend some time on changing macro market dynamics. For the past few weeks, I’ve been telling you that market data was changing and that the stock market was getting bullish for the ‘right’ reasons instead of just on rate cut hopes.

We dive deeper into that theme this week. 

Then we discuss what will turn the commodity market around. Prices have been soft for corn and lithium and nickel and many other commodities. And stock performance has been even worse. 

We talk about what could turn that around.

Then there is some uranium hand-holding for any of you feeling a bit scared. We’re getting a healthy pullback in a uranium bull market that you should be taking advantage of. 

And we touch briefly on the dollar and Bitcoin.

Then we respond constructively to some constructive feedback we’ve received from some premium members to our publications.  We’re always happy to hear from you and love responding to your feedback to make our products better and all of us better investors. 

It’s all in episode 258 of Investing in Bizarro World.  Click here for the full episode.

0:00 Intro
2:25 Changing Macro Market Dynamics
8:37 What Will Drive Commodity Turnaround?
16:42 Uranium Hand-Holding
21:05 Dollar, Bitcoin, Lithium
26:35 Constructive Newsletter Feedback