What Cryptos to Buy Now?

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Our in-house crypto portfolio has now doubled. 

It’s being run by Chris Curl. 

And you’ve had the opportunity to follow his every move since we started with $50,000. 

It’s now worth over six figures as Bitcoin flirts with all-time record highs above $70,000.


The Bitcoin that Chris personally helped me acquire and safely store can now pay for more than a year of private school for all three of my kids. 

It wasn’t hard to do. Chris will walk you through — step by step — everything you need to buy and store Bitcoin. He even makes tutorial videos that you can follow along with.

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But it's not just Bitcoin. 

Last year, he made readers 181% in ten days on an altcoin called BONK.

His Solana position, which he got people in at $25.35, is now almost 700% higher as it trades near $170.


We think this bull market will generate enough opportunities that Chris can turn our now $100,000 crypto portfolio into $1 million. He’s well on his way. And you can see what he’s buying now here

I sat down with Chris last week to pick his brain about the current happenings in crypto-land. And I wanted to relay some of what he said to give you better context on the profit potential at hand.

Here’s what he said when I asked him for a brief update on the crypto market: 

chris curl editor circle headshot.pngChris Curl: We're really seeing what I've been yelling about for the last six months with my bull market trifecta, where I was talking about the fact that ever since BlackRock filed for their spot Bitcoin ETF back in June, I've been writing that it’s going to get approved because it's BlackRock and they have an extraordinary amount of influence. It's the world's largest asset manager. And when that happens, you're essentially going to see a bit of a supply shock happen with Bitcoin because miners were already seeing that. Miners are not able to meet the demand for Bitcoin that these ETFs are drawing. And you also have more and more long-term holders of Bitcoin. People in this monetary and inflationary environment are seeing that Bitcoin is a really smart kind of investment over the long term as a hard asset, as an inflation hedge, and as kind of an anti-bank hedge as well in an environment where we've seen the largest bank failures since the 2008 crisis. So we're seeing that continue to play out. 

We haven't even hit the Bitcoin halving yet, which is going to happen in April. And I see our next target at around the $85,000 to $90,000 range for Bitcoin. That'll be a new all-time high pushing past the previous one of around $69,000. And once we hit that new all-time high and Bitcoin cools off, that's when we can really look forward to altcoins really starting to take off. And that's where you start seeing huge increases in altcoins. Right now, we're seeing some really good gains, but it's not in the 5X, 10X, 20X realm yet. And that's what really happens when Bitcoin is hitting that new all-time high. It happened sooner than a lot of people thought. 

I went on to ask him about the upside he sees coming in the rest of the sector, what kind of gains he’s seeing out there, and how people can start following his crypto investment moves if they don’t have the confidence to do it themselves. And this was his reply: 

Chris Curl: We're already seeing various altcoins going up between 50% to 100% in a day amid this latest surge. And we really haven't even gotten started yet. Seeing 50% to 100% gains in a day for select altcoins will be the norm, especially when we get Bitcoin into new all-time highs. And that's really what I've been positioning for the last year — trying to find projects where I think we're gonna see some of those explosive gains. And we've already seen many projects up 400% to 800%. And we haven't really hit the parabolic phase of this crypto bull market where the stuff just starts blowing up. Retail is just now starting to get back into crypto. And when retail piles in, when that FOMO kicks in, that's when stuff just goes absolutely nuts. That’s when your Dogecoin that you spent a thousand bucks on is worth $72,000. 

He would know. He made those kinds of gains in the last crypto cycle. And a new one is kicking off now. 

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