Using Blockchain to Track and Manage the Mining Supply Chain

You’ve seen the headlines...

  • LME finds bags of stones instead of nickel in metal warehouse (Financial Times, March 17 2023)
  • Copper worth nearly half a billion dollars goes missing in China. (, August 4 2022)
  • Why Metals Keep Going Missing in Commodity Trading. (Bloomberg, March 24 2023)

According to that Bloomberg article, “The sector’s reliance on paperwork to back the shipment and storage of expensive cargoes makes it an easy target for wrongdoing.”

It’s time for the mining supply chain to enter the digital age.

And not just because commodities keep going missing.

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But because in this age of decarbonization and electric vehicles, companies, governments, and consumers are going to want lifecycle data on where these metals are coming from and how they are produced.

I’ve long said there will come a day when the Monroney sticker on a new car will show the metals contained in the battery and relevant info about where they came from and their emissions profile, just like it currently displays MPG data for new cars.

But in order to do that, lifecycle tracking needs to become compulsory in the mining industry.‍

One tiny new public company has been changing that since it listed in 2021.

It bills itself as simplifying and streamlining commodity supply chains with digital solutions.

And it’s already partnered with some of the largest players in the space to make it a reality, which is key when dealing with the multiple entities involved in mining, refining, storing, transporting, and trading multiple commodities.

It collaborated with IBM to build the platform, and the list of supporters and clients includes Wheaton Precious Metals and Codelco, the latter of which is the largest producer of copper in the world. 

It has also commercially contracted with:

  • BHP (The largest mining company in the world by market cap)
  • Sumitomo (One of the largest global trading companies)
  • Southwire (#1 cable and wire producer in North America)
  • Superior Essex (#1 magnet wire producer in North America)
  • Port Panama City (#1 metals port in North America)
  • Perennial (#1 aluminum distributor in North America)

Using Blockchain to Track and Manage the Mining Supply Chain

The platform — or Hub — connects the many parties involved in a physical commodity transaction in a digitally integrated workflow, operating on the basis of shared information.

The platform incorporates contracts, shipments, inventories and other key inputs, and securely ties them all together and organizes them with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Blockchain infrastructure is used to maintain transparency.

The company generates revenue from subscription fees for the platform, usage fees for the enterprise applications, and revenue share agreements.

And it is now conducting what it expects to be its last capital raise ahead of profitability. 

That’s why I’m writing to you today. 

If you meet certain criteria, including being a member of Private Placement Intel, you can participate in the private capital raise this company is currently conducting. 

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Long-time readers of this letter will know we’ve been successfully investing in small companies via private placements for going on eight years now.

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And in the first week of 2024, we’re funding this new blockchain deal with the wind now at the back of the crypto sector once again. 

You get to buy a share of this company for less than it’s currently trading in the market. And you also get a full warrant to buy more shares if the stock goes up that is good for three years.

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Here’s to a prosperous 2024!

Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge
Publisher, Daily Profit Cycle