Uranium’s Next Act: Attracting Generalist Investors - Bizarro World 244

Crypto's working right now. 

It’s not a bad time to have subscribed to Mr. Chris Curl's Million Dollar Crypto Club. It’s a free educational series that will kickstart your crypto investing. You can do that here. Mr. Curl called for a breakout. And Bitcoin has quickly climbed to $37,000. We talk about why that free crypto series is so valuable in episode 244 of Investing in Bizarro World

We also talk about Jerome’s latest speech, and why rates will remain higher for longer even as the economy and job market weaken. Hint: It’s because inflation is going to remain well above the Fed’s target for months, which is why gold will also remain strong. We get into the boring but beautiful gold price, and why gold stocks could be next to rally. 

Plus: Lithium continues to bottom while uranium remains a bullish outlier that is now attracting generalist attention and capital. 

And the episode concludes with me ranting about what is wrong with Wall Street’s traditional 60/40 retirement portfolio, how it’s screwed anyone using it to retire in the next few years, and how you can do better. 

It’s all in episode 244 of Investing in Bizarro World

0:00 Intro
1:37 Jerome: Door Stays Open to Higher Rates 
7:11 Gold’s Been “Boring” But Bullish & Beautiful 
13:10 Lithium Continues to Bottom 
17:19 Uranium Attracts Generalist Investors
21:53 Crypto Winter Ending 
25:11 Thoughts on the Republican Presidential Debate
29:15 The Problem with Wall Street’s 60/40 Retirement Portfolio

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