Uranium Stocks Breakout?

I've been an observer of and an investor in the uranium market for quite some time. I was at my desk during the last run in 2007, writing articles and reports about what was happening. And I was a more active investor when Fukushima hit in 2011. I have given talks on the sector for the past several years and have significant skin in the game in multiple uranium-related companies via positions I've bought publicly and privately over the years. The spot price has broken out this week to $36. It's moving faster than I've seen it move in some time. Related equities are responding well. I voiced concern that the last "breakout" in uranium stocks earlier this year was another headfake, given we hadn't yet seen real uranium buying by utilities. The entrance of Sprott into the physical market has changed some things. We covere that this week here. One quick thing I noticed was Fission Uranium (TSX: FCU)(OTC: FCUUF), which I've covered over the years and owned for some time, is precisely at the precipice of truly breaking out. Next week should be fun. I'll be watching Canadian markets on Monday for sure.

We have a new uranium stock recommendation that just went out to premium members. Preview of that here.