This Bear Market Is Just Getting Started

If you didn’t already position for the unfolding stock market crash... Here’s what to do now.

You’ll see why stocks can fall much further...

What we’ve done to successfully protect ourselves...

And even how to profit amid the sea of selling.

In This Issue

Nick Hodge here with Foundational Profits, letting you know it's time for the June issue.

And it couldn't come at a better time given everything that’s going on in the stock market.

The S&P is now in a bear market, as I've been saying it would be for the past couple of issues. 

We prepared ahead of time for that by going defensive, by selling tech stocks late last year, by getting into gold, and moving to a third cash. 

I go over where we are now in the market cycle, and what my top three holdings are for the bear market that continues to unfold. I also go over why this bear market is going to last for longer than many people think.

I talk about persistently high inflation and the inputs that are driving weakness in the consumer, including high gas prices. I talk about continued economic slowdown, as it relates to GDP growth. And I go over why Q2 earnings, which won't even be out until July, are going to be worse than Q1 earnings. And that could send stocks down even further.

If you want to see what my top three holdings are right now for this bear market, then you need to get the June issue of Foundational Profits by clicking here.

I also spend a little time going over lithium and platinum. 

Plus: a look at the cannabis sector and why it's not time to buy it yet. 

It's all in the June issue of Foundational Profits, which I hope you'll get your hands on by clicking here.

We remain up so far for the year while many other investors, including hedge funds, have lost money.

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Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge
Publisher, Daily Profit Cycle