The Market Limps Across the Finish Line

Since last week: 

The market is limping along in this last week of the year. Recession expectations are growing increasingly high. 

The Market Limps Across the Finish Line - but you can still make money.

1. More Recession Talk

A worldwide recession is looking likely for 2023. That’s according to a release from the Centre for Economics and Business Research, a leading economic consultant in the UK. It’s a sentiment that’s been building for a while now, but is now becoming increasingly public. As more outlets report on it, it will become more embedded in the minds of the public and affect markets accordingly. Build your portfolio to protect against the downturn. 

2. Year of the EV

2022 was the year of the electric car. In the first half of the year, EVs hit record sales of 7.1 million. A mix of changing government policy and consumer demand is driving it and will continue to for the foreseeable future. It’s why you’re going to see more stories about climbing lithium demand and why you should invest in it. 

3. Gold Holds Steady

Gold prices recently hit a six-month high of $1800 and are holding support there. Could this be the start of a rally that will have gold on the rebound? If it is, you want to get in now before it really takes off. 

4. A Positive Trend

The trends favor commodities going into 2023. An anticipated central bank pivot will have people looking for safe havens and commodity prices could rise because of it. Commodities have been outperforming other asset classes recently and that’s set to continue well into the new year. You can be on the right side of that trend

What to Look For:

The downward trend that closed out 2022 will likely be with us through the first few weeks of 2023. You’ll want to continue watching closely to see how things play out.

Ryan Stancil

Ryan Stancil
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle