The Greatest Gold Trade Ever

Dear Reader,

It made him $15 billion…

A legend on Wall Street…

And he was immortalized in books and movies like The Big Short…

John Paulson’s bet against the subprime mortgage bubble in 2008 has gone down in history as “The Greatest Trade Ever.”

Now, the renegade billionaire is preparing to do it again… only this time it has nothing to do with housing.

Instead, he’s quietly piling $110 million into a tiny gold stock that almost NOBODY knows about…

And I not only know why, but how you can position yourself in what I believe will go down as the Greatest Gold Trade Ever.

A trade that could make Paulson billions more than he made in 2008.

While making early investors like you who follow along 12,500% or more.

I’m Gerardo Del Real, the founder and editor of Junior Resource Monthly, one of the top natural resource investment research advisories in the world.

I’ve been able to make millions for myself and my members with little-known opportunities in the gold space by leveraging my vast network of inside connections.

It’s how I uncovered a tiny miner in California named K2 Gold that was on the verge of a high-grade gold discovery.

I recommended it to my readers and K2 Gold Corp soared for 592% gains in less than 7 months… Enough to quickly turn $10,000 into $69,200…

K2 Gold Corp graph

It’s also how I discovered Magna Gold, a company that was revitalizing an old gold mine in Sonora with the backing of a Mexican Billionaire. It delivered 768% gains in just over a year… enough to turn $10,000 into $86,800

Magna Gold graph

And then there was Nevada Sunrise, a stock I recommended that generated 1,450% gains as it drilled into a mountain of gold southeast of Reno… enough to turn $10,000 into $155,000… in just five months!

Nevada Sunrise graph

Not a bad payday being able to turn $30,000 from those three plays into $311,000!

I’ve shown my readers gains like these on gold and other resource stocks time and again.

And I say none of this to brag… only to make clear the enormity of the claim I’m about to make:

This gold mine I’m going to share with you today is poised to eclipse every single one of these big home runs…

And beat them by a landslide.

You see, I’ve been at the center of this story as it unfolded over the last eight years.

Gerardo on site

I’ve visited this mine twice…

I’ve interviewed the execs and everyone involved…

My colleague, Nick Hodge, even chopped it up with Mr. Paulson at an investing conference in Puerto Rico.

Because of all of this groundwork, I know:

  • Why the billionaire keeps adding millions upon millions to his position…
  • Why he now owns 40% of the company’s shares…
  • And why he’s betting more than he did on the collapse of subprime mortgages.

Paulson’s Bigger Bet on the Coming “Gold Panic”

You see, Paulson now believes a crisis much bigger and more fundamental than 2008 is about to unfold.

A shift in money and power that will be totally irreversible.

In a recent interview, which got little fanfare, he mentions three cracks forming in the American system.

Combined, they could trigger a “gold panic”… a shift from fiat money to bullion. They include:

  1. The End of the Dollar’s Hegemony — as the BRICs seek to challenge American power by replacing the dollar with other currencies, including gold.
  2. The Central Bank Gold Buying Frenzy — as global central banks replace a record amount of dollars with gold.
  3. The end of the American Empire — as our allies, like Israel, are besieged, Russia gains power in Europe, and our military withdraws from critical strategic locations like Afghanistan.

These catalysts are all converging to create THE perfect storm for gold.

That’s why Paulson concludes… “so you’d be better off keeping your investment reserves in gold at this point.”

But what he didn’t mention is how he’s buying those gold reserves.

And it’s not bullion, big miners like Barrick, or even futures.

He’s moving in on one virtually unknown tiny gold stock instead.

And he has history on his side.

In the 1970s Crisis in American Power
Tiny Gold Stocks Went Parabolic

It’s 1974.

Everything that Paulson now sees unfolding… is only just beginning.

  • The Declining American Empire. America lost the war in Vietnam, suffering irreparable damage to our global reputation.
  • Central Bank Gold Buying. Central banks were exchanging record amounts of dollars for gold.
  • The Decline of Dollar Power. As the Nixon Shock depegged the dollar from gold, sparking hyperinflation.

It was the same perfect storm for gold then as it is now.

As a result…

Gold panic set in, sending the spot price soaring from $35 to $850 by the end of the 1970s…

1970s graph

A 2,300% gain just for holding yellow metal.

But select tiny gold stocks did much, much better, soaring 100x or higher.

Some of the unbelievable winners of that decade included…

  • NRD Mining, up 38,200%

NRD Mining graph

  • Silverstack Mines, up 36,000%, and

Silverstack Mines graph

  • Banner Resources, up 32,000%

These were companies that hit gold and precious metals windfalls… Just as the price of gold was going parabolic…

That’s how they returned some of the biggest and fastest gains in history. Gains that are still talked about today.

That’s the power of a gold supercycle like the one starting to unfold now.

And it’s why Paulson’s number-one gold stock is about to eclipse them all…

Even if his thesis on America is wrong…

Even if none of his predictions come true…

This gold stock is poised to be a 10x or 100x winner regardless.

Because it's quietly made what will soon go down as the gold discovery of a century.

Why Is This John Paulson’s No. 1 Gold Stock?

You see, I’ve been to this company’s gold site multiple times.

I’ve scoured the property like any explorer, leaving no stone unturned.

And just like John Paulson…

I know how much gold this mine actually holds…

I know about the quality of gold – which is among the highest-grade, cheapest, and cleanest to extract in America.

And, perhaps more importantly, I know about an imminent government announcement that’s set to:

  • Fast track this mine to full production…
  • Unleash the largest gold mining boom in recent memory…
  • And launch this company’s share price from $4… to $14… to $40.

This announcement is scheduled to occur by the end of June 2024 … so there’s no time to waste.

In a moment, you’ll see how to act quickly – and position yourself for the biggest windfall of 2024.

You’ll see how the government has already “tipped its hand” on exactly what will happen…

And with someone as connected as Paulson is… you can be sure that he’s left nothing to chance.

Plus, you’ll see how the last time I saw a similar setup, my readers had the opportunity for a 10,800% windfall.

But first, how do Paulson and I know this when nobody else does?

The Largest Gold Mine in America Is About to Come Online… And Nobody Knows About It

In the deep wilderness of Idaho, about three hours from any airport…

Is a gold discovery that is unparalleled by anything in America…

And nobody is paying attention.

Officially the company reports it has six million ounces of gold in the ground.

And that alone makes it a massive gold mine.

But I have every reason to believe that they are dramatically understating their actual reserves.


It’s simple.

Mines with 5 or 6 million ounces of gold are much easier to get approved.

Fewer “official” reserves means fewer loopholes, less waiting time, and less regulatory hassle.

The company has every reason to keep the true scale of its gold quiet for now — at least quiet to the public.

So this is a big “wink wink” to investors.

And when I visited the site myself… my suspicions were confirmed.

As I explored the property, I saw gold everywhere.

Let me phrase: In the span of miles, not a single area was not brimming with the yellow metal.

In fact, get this…

When the company tried to find a place to build the processing facility…

They kept hitting gold everywhere they wanted to put it!

So how much gold is REALLY there?

Based on my own observations and some informal resource estimates…

I believe there are actually 20 MILLION ounces of gold in total…

Which would make it a world-class find worth $40 billion.

And one of the biggest – if not THE biggest – gold mine in America.

Largest Gold Mines in America graph

And it’s not owned by billion-dollar gold giants like Newmont or Kinross.

Instead, this project is 100% owned by a tiny miner that almost nobody can name…

And it trades for just $4 a share.

The number of ounces is just one half of the story. This gold is...

  • Cheaper to mine than almost any other in America
  • One of the highest-grade forms of open-pittable gold
  • Incredibly easy to extract, with minimal environmental impact

Plus, as you’ll see in a moment, approval for permitting is now virtually guaranteed.

It ticks every single box for a gold discovery that makes investors rich.

I’ve been watching this company since 2015…

It’s jumped through one regulatory hoop after another…

Soon, the final hurdle will be cleared…

Paving a path for this project to come online….

And become a billion-dollar world-class gold mine.

That hurdle is the government’s decision to permit the project.

And they’ve already tipped their hand in several ways... Continue reading to learn more.

Gerardo Del Real

Gerardo Del Real
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle