The Fed’s Hawkish Non-Decision - Bizarro World 237

The Fed continues to lose credibility and Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell is now coming off as disingenuous. If he was sincere about fighting inflation, as he has said he was for months, he would have raised rates in September. He didn’t. And inflation is back on the rise, with the CPI’s last print at 3.9%, nearly twice the Chairman’s target. The bond market is chastising him, with yields on the rise and asset prices softening. And the consumer continues to weaken. We tie what it all means together for you in this 237th episode of Investing in Bizarro World. You get our thoughts on copper, including one long-term speculation we’ve made. Then we discuss uranium’s recent upward price movement, and why that train could be leaving the station. Gerardo says the last tickets are being sold now. Plus: What we’re watching in the market now. 

Given the entire uranium complex is now breaking out, if you haven’t yet seen Gerardo’s premium uranium research, now would be the time. Click here for that.  

0:00 Intro
1:29 Fed’s Hawkish Non-Decision
7:14 Interest Rates & Gold
10:44 Thoughts on Copper
16:15 Patriot Battery Update
22:09 Uranium Train Leaving the Station?
26:31 Texas, Bitcoins, and the Grid
33:19 Market Watching This Week

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