Solana Breakpoint: Why this Conference is Bullish for SOL

Solana has been surging this week, surpassing $42 per SOL at the time of writing this.

Solana has been surging this week, surpassing $42 per SOL


Much of this positive price movement is common sense – Bitcoin has broken out of a nearly 2-year bear trend and is in bullish territory yet again. As Bitcoin rises, all boats in the crypto waters are lifted. 

And Solana is breaking out of this crypto winter as the Solana Breakpoint conference takes place in Amsterdam. This conference, held from October 30 to November 3 is expected to host various crypto executives, developers, artists, content creators, policymakers, and students.

It’s a huge deal for the Solana ecosystem, as developers showcase their projects to the world. 

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Smart investors are watching – and buying. 

In fact, I was buying SOL at $8 and telling my readers to do the same.

Chris Curl was buying SOL at $8 and telling my readers to do the same.

Below, I highlight an intriguing project announced at Breakpoint worth keeping a close eye on.

As an avant-garde fintech enterprise, FRIDAY is leading the revolution of Web3 technology, with a focus on empowering users to reclaim dominion over their Web2 data. With the launch of their new mobile app, they appear poised to capitalize on the increased adoption of blockchain technology.

Restoring Data Sovereignty

From the inception of the internet, users were promised tailored experiences in return for sharing personal details. Unfortunately, these commitments often resulted in unsolicited spam, aggressive monitoring, and compromised data privacy. FRIDAY seeks to rewrite this story, championing the right of users to regain command over their data. FRIDAY staunchly asserts that the moment has come for individuals to regain control over their history, privacy, dignity, and personal autonomy.

FRIDAY's Mobile Application

Central to FRIDAY's mission of user empowerment is its groundbreaking mobile app. This application is engineered to fetch Web2 data and encrypt it securely on users' devices. The data is then represented on Solana's blockchain as non-transferable cNFTs, or compressed Non-Fungible Tokens. 

This technology's importance lies within its capacity to enable users to monetize their data through virtual consortium participation, which puts the value control of their data directly into their hands. Additionally, FRIDAY has integrated a tailored AI concierge to curate content according to users' liking while prioritizing data privacy.

Capitalizing on Solana's Advanced Solutions

FRIDAY's partnership with Solana forms a crucial part of its mission fulfillment. The company is leveraging several groundbreaking solutions provided by Solana:

Solana's Mobile Stack: Aimed at a mass market, FRIDAY incorporates top-tier OS biometric security measures and depends on Solana's mobile stack, offering sub-second confirmations for a seamless, high-speed experience.

Non-Transferability: To adhere to privacy norms like GDPR and CCPA, personal data is considered an irreplaceable aspect of individuals. FRIDAY observes Solana's non-transferable token standards, guaranteeing that users maintain absolute control and authenticity of their data.

Compressed NFTs: By employing Solana's compressed NFTs, FRIDAY presents a scalable protocol offering the advantages of Web3 while retaining the cost efficiency of Web2. This strategy enables extensive adoption without hefty initial investment and helps facilitate a smooth transition into the Web3 era.

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Proof of Humanity: FRIDAY's NFTs necessitate "proof of data," and the FRIDAY wallet acts as a sybil-resistant proof of humanity. Users can interact with their favorite creators, athletes, and celebrities based on their authentic selves, encouraging genuine engagement and community-building.

Solana Breakpoint: Why this Conference is Bullish for SOL

Data Ownership's New Epoch

FRIDAY's app debut at Solana Breakpoint symbolizes the beginning of a new epoch for data ownership and user empowerment. The company's innovative approach to data management could restore privacy and control to individuals in the digital era. With its solid technology and steadfast dedication to data ownership, FRIDAY is set to emerge as a pioneer in the Web3 arena. The future of data is being remodeled, and FRIDAY stands at the vanguard, bolstering and empowering users at every stage.

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