Profiting from record growth and all-time highs

Since last week: 

The economy added more jobs than expected, continuing to outpace expectations.

1. A ChatGPT Rival

It’s inevitable that when something becomes popular, challengers arise to try and take its place. That’s happening in the AI space with the recent introduction of Claude 3, a large language model that’s directly challenging ChatGPT. Regardless of whether or not Claude is better, it shows that the AI race is heating up. As an investor, that means you want to back the right companies in order to profit. Click here to see what you should be buying

2. Solar’s Record Growth

In just the last decade, solar energy in the US has grown 22%. Tax credits, falling costs and growing demand are behind this surge, and they’ll be what continues to push it to the next level. Investors who buy into the tech will be able to profit for years to go, especially when they invest in the raw materials that power the technology. Click here to learn about the best investments in that sector

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3. Gold’s All-time High

Another week, another instance of gold hitting all-time highs. So far this year, it’s up roughly 16%. Recent economic news, along with prolonged uncertainty, seem to be behind the push, and it makes the case that gold still has a lot of room to continue running. Get in on this continuing boom by buying into this little-known miner

4. Jaguar Shifts

Carmaker Jaguar has vowed to end production of gas-powered cars later this year in favor of an all-electric lineup. The demand is there and the company sees the writing on the wall as EV adoption continues to climb all over the world. This is very likely to become a trend over the next few years among other car companies. As it does, lithium demand will continue to climb. Here’s how you can profit from that trend

What to Look For

Gold continues to climb. Crypto continues to climb. The Fed signals that rate cuts are coming. The coming weeks will show us whether or not the momentum can be sustained. 

Keep your eyes open,

Ryan Stancil

Ryan Stancil
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle