Profiting from Inflation's Impact to the Stock Market

inflation imageInflation is real and not transitory. 

The media says so now.  

Or maybe it’s broadening? 

Or persistently transitory? 

Or whatever double talk is the flavor of the day. 

Or maybe the economic problems we're facing like inflation and supply chain issues are high-class problems as a Harvard economist recently argued.

Let me translate for you: The Harvard professor thinks things being more expensive and not having access to things doesn’t affect lower-income households.

Can’t make this stuff up.

If you’ve spent the past year listening to the people in boxes on TV you missed what Nick Hodge likes to call “inflation profits,” and while there’s plenty of money yet to be made it sure does pay to be early on trends that are so obvious you can front-run them for months and sometimes even a year or two. 

Copper is at $4.50 per pound. Zinc is at a 4-year high. 

The uranium spot price just jumped over 18% in a day and several uranium equities are up 10-fold from 52-week lows.

The price of lithium for use in electric-car batteries has more than quadrupled in China. 

I could go on. The point I’m trying to make is that following the herd will keep costing you money. 

So will sitting on the sidelines.

For years Nick and I have been preparing you for a uranium bull cycle, a commodity supercycle (all of them), and vetting companies across all sectors to help you — and us — not only preserve our capital but to grow it in a way that far outperforms the people in the boxes on the television.

In the next several weeks we’ll be sharing with you several companies that have the potential to drastically outperform inflation, the broader indices, and the people in the boxes on TV.

We were early to the lithium megatrend, the uranium bull cycle, the rare earth surge, and the copper bull cycle. 

And we’re going to be proven right when gold breaks out to new all-time highs. 

We’ll be sharing some of our thoughts — and picks — next week at the New Orleans Investment Conference

We hope you’ll join us.

If you’re there, reach out and say hello. 

I’m looking forward to catching up with several of you in person… and look forward to sharing where we think the puck is going.