Portfolio Performance Amid Grid Failure - Bizarro World 252

My kids had nightlights this past week when the power went out. 

With temps in the negative double-digits and everyone running their heaters, the stress on the grid was too much, and it caved. It’s a moment I knew would come. And our backup generator, outfitted with its own dedicated propane supply, kicked on.  

It won’t be the last time. 

We just underwent a nationwide phenomenon of extreme weather events that saw frigid temps, record snowfall, and high winds. Towns went dark and an NFL playoff game was postponed.

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As always, there is profit in the crisis. Grid and infrastructure improvements are one of our long-running themes. And we spend some time talking about how to profit from related investments this week. 

That’s not just solar and wind stocks. It’s also utility stocks and rare earth stocks and battery stocks. And we have a new video out about how clean energy is going to alter the course of 2024 while making investors like you significant returns. You should watch that here. 

That includes uranium, which is now over $100 per pound for the first time since 2007. We’ve been pounding the table on this bull market for years, and now it’s really accelerating quickly. We discuss how we’re handling being inside a uranium bull market as opposed to anticipating one. 

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We also spend some time on the recent approval of Bitcoin ETFs and what that could mean for the sector. Our real-money portfolio, which we’re aiming to turn into $1 million, is now well on its way. You’ll want to see what we’re buying. 

And as always, we discuss macro markets, including the now re-inflating CPI — which we told readers was coming — as well as Fed policy, government debt, the stock market, and gold. 

It’s all in episode 252 of Investing in Bizarro World. 

0:00 Intro
0:50 Macro Markets: Re-inflation, Fed Policy, S&P, Government Debt, and Gold
8:05 Patriot Fills Its Gap
13:33 Uranium Breaks $100
19:38 What a Bitcoin ETF Approval Means
23:51 What Is Good Performance?
28:40 Taxes Is a Four-Letter Word
33:18 A Nationwide Phenomenon of Extreme Weather Events

Clean energy is going to alter the course of 2024 while making investors like you significant returns. You should watch that here.

Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge
Publisher, Daily Profit Cycle