Picking the Right Stocks for 2023

The new year has officially arrived… and as predicted, it’s already looking a lot like 2022: markets flashing red, inflation remaining high, Fed tightening, and geopolitical turmoil ruling the day. 

It means we’re likely in for at least two more quarters of the bear… and upcoming fourth quarter earnings will undoubtedly shed some additional light on what’s been a pretty grim picture for several quarters now. 

Many investors are too frightened to even look at their portfolio or 401(k) knowing they’re not as well off financially as they were at the beginning of last year. 

But there are bright spots in the market if you know where to look for them.

Picking the Right Stocks for 2023

Take for instance my esteemed colleague Nick Hodge — founder and editor of Foundational Profits

He’s built an enviable reputation for delivering consistent gains in ANY market via his unique understanding of the market’s gyrations and how certain sectors and subsectors can oftentimes buck the overall market trend. 

He’s done that consistently for over a decade now. Yet, his contrarian methodologies were really put to the test in 2022 as the market turned decidedly bearish after a decade-long bull market.

And how did he perform?

Well, while Wall Street ended 2022 with the biggest annual drop since 2008, Nick’s Foundational Profits newsletter delivered a closed portfolio that was up 30% for the year. You can see it here.

He did this, again, by correctly identifying the sectors and tiny subsectors that were poised to withstand the meltdown… and by selecting the right stocks that were positioned to move up despite the broader headwinds.  

Perhaps most importantly, Nick was lightyears ahead of most of the so-called market experts who failed to see the end of the good times and the arrival of the bear.

By preemptively streamlining his Foundational Profits portfolio to a more defensive and cash-heavy posture, Nick was able to successfully navigate his readers to calmer waters while most everyone else was caught in the maelstrom.

A lot of Nick’s biggest winners in 2022 came from the commodities space… particularly lithium and other clean-energy stocks. 

Nick’s biggest win came from a small-cap lithium miner that delivered a 417% run that started just a couple short years ago. 

And while many financial editors claim “WINS” when a stock surges but never instruct their readers to sell… Nick not only advised his readers to lock-in gains but also jumped on a second opportunity to score an additional 67% run in the same stock just months later.

That’s what having your eye on the ball is all about!

And speaking of that, Nick has his eyes set on several other home run opportunities in 2023 within the commodities space — particularly the “battery-metals” stocks which are benefitting from the global rise in EVs. 

In terms of playing a little defense, Nick also correctly steered his readers away from the tech-heavy Nasdaq, which got absolutely pummeled last year and is still reeling. 

Nick says, “...there are places to make money. There are ways to be defensive and preserve your capital despite of — and in spite of — all the things that are going on in the world and the stock market.”

That’s why in the pages of Foundational Profits, Nick not only explains what he’s doing with his own long-term safe capital but also why. 

It’s like the old adage, “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime!”

So that’s what you can expect in each monthly issue of Foundational Profits… clear, concise market guidance along with specific stock recommendations that mirror what Nick is doing with his own money. 

Nick also brings his readers into the fold via quarterly call-ins where he goes over the portfolio, what he’s seeing in the markets, and where he also answers your questions directly. 

There’s a lot more that comes with your annual subscription to Foundational Profits including Flash Alerts, exclusive interviews, and free bonus reports designed to have you drinking upstream from the herd on a consistent basis. 

Nick adds, “...we're really picking our spots here. There are places that are bullish and there's a way to conservatively profit in spite of what's going on in the broader bear market.”

Now, it’s time to hear it from the man himself in this brief video presentation that includes a limited-time offer to sign up to Foundational Profits for $99 instead of the usual $199.

3 new reports, new recommendations, economic data, precious metals in this Foundational Profits issue.

With early-2023 looking a lot like full-year ‘22… there really couldn’t be a more opportune time to get onboard with Nick Hodge and his Foundational Profits newsletter. 

Nick’s defensive posturing turned out to be the exact right call in 2022. 

As the bear heads back into hibernation, hopefully, around the midpoint of this year, it’s going to be very exciting to see how Nick transitions his readers back to a more aggressive stance with multi-bagger profits as the primary goal.  

Don’t miss this opportunity to join the wealth-building team for around half the price as we start the new year!

Mike Fagan

Mike Fagan
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle