Lithium Stocks Worth Buying Now

The Fed continues on its path towards higher rates. 

And though I suspect we’ll soon move towards a more “data dependent” Fed, that may not be the case for another quarter or so.

Which means you should expect this recent weakness in the dollar to reverse. And you should expect gold and silver to remain range bound at best for the next couple of months.

Gold will rally and will make new all-time highs. Just not yet. I expected it to happen this year but the environment necessary for that to happen simply hasn’t materialized yet. 

Despite that, this year has been a phenomenal year.

Lithium Stocks worth buying right now.

Let me repeat that. Despite the bear market in the overall indices, cryptocurrencies, cannabis stocks and every other asset class that was inflated by Fed policy, it has been an excellent year out there for those of you who were able to pivot into the uranium and lithium sectors.

Lithium Prices: January 2016- October 2022

So what if you’ve never invested in a lithium (or uranium stock) and you feel like you missed the run and are chasing a withering trend?

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Lithium batteries are at the crossroads of mega trends that will run for many years, and not just because of electric vehicles. 

Energy, industrials, and technology are all sectors that will require massive amounts of lithium for decades.

Supply security is becoming a necessity, not a want 

And man do I love investing in sectors that are not just wanted but needed. 

Throw in bipartisan support around the world for the mineral and add in government subsidies for kicks, and what we have is the perfect storm for a profit-making environment. 

Up to 300 new mines are needed to meet battery demand from electric vehicles and energy storage by 2035.How many lithium mines will the U.S need?

While Cramer is on TV crying about the state of the overall indices — nothing wrong with crying btw — my friend and business partner Nick Hodge has been delivering triple and quadruple digit gains with his lithium picks for years.

So when he reaches out and tells me he’s unearthed the next big winner, I listen. 

I’ve been fortunate enough to profit multiple times from his advice. 

The next few months in the overall indices will be volatile, there’s the real risk of a systemic failure in one or more of the important markets that people speculate and invest in.

The lithium sector is providing the complete opposite set up and one I want you to profit from.

I hope you come along for the ride on Nick’s next big lithium win.

Gerardo Del Real

Gerardo Del Real
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle