Lithium Buyout Wars - Bizarro World 240

Stock market volatility spiked to five-month highs as new conflict broke out in the Middle East. We’ll give you the context and portfolio implications, especially as it relates to gold and oil. The dollar and bond yields remain strong, and yet gold is bouncing as well. We have an extended discussion on what this means. Energy continues to catch a bid, and that includes uranium. We give an update on the sector. Then we have an in-depth talk about ongoing lithium buyout wars as it relates to Australia’s richest person stepping into the middle of Albemarle’s deal to takeout Liontown (Click here to see who’s next). Plus: What we’re watching in the market this week. It’s all in episode 240 of Investing in Bizarro World.


0:00 Intro
1:27 Brief Comments on the Middle East
7:37 Extended Dollar, Gold, Rates Discussion
11:15 Uranium’s Inflation Tailwind
14:31 Lithium Buyout Wars
27:14 Market Watching: Volatility & At-Risk Banks

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