Key Crypto Catalysts Are Converging for Spectacular Gains in 2024

The long wait is finally over. 

We’ve been talking about Chris Curl’s Million Dollar Crypto Club for months... and now, the much anticipated launch date has been confirmed. 

October 26th it is!

Starting that day, Chris, our in-house crypto expert, will be guiding beginner and experienced crypto investors alike to huge potential wealth via his $50K real money crypto portfolio.
Mind you... this isn’t paper trading! 

These are hard dollars that’ll be deployed, solely at the discretion of Mr. Curl, into a real money portfolio that you’ll be able to follow, track, and, if you like, trade right alongside Chris in his quest to turn that $50K into $1M or more in just two short years.

Best of all, you won’t need anywhere near that level of risk capital to participate.

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Key Crypto Catalysts Are Converging for Spectacular Gains in 2024

Like I said... Chris will be working with an initial $50K. 

A potential rise to $1,000,000 would be a 20X gain.

If you’re starting with, say, $5K… a 20X gain would turn that initial investment into a cool hundred grand. 

And while no gains are ever guaranteed (here or anywhere in life for that matter), Chris has proven his crypto trading acumen over the years with spectacular gains such as 1,036%, 6,011%, and even 9,150% on a single crypto trade.

He fully intends to keep that winning streak going in his Million Dollar Crypto Club.  

But what if you’ve never made a single crypto trade in your life? Not to worry! 

Chris has created an ongoing cryptocurrency educational series of videos and special reports called Crypto-U (short for Crypto University)

Inside, Chris systematically guides his readers through the basics of understanding the world of cryptocurrencies (without any of the complex jargon) from setting up an initial trading account to placing trades and much, much more.

It’s the kind of education that’ll have you trading like a crypto pro from the outset and for years to come. 

Most importantly, Chris’s Million Dollar Crypto Club launch date of October 26th has been strategically timed to coincide with a number of key crypto-catalysts that are converging for what Chris firmly believes will be the start of an incredible profit journey for those who join him on this exciting endeavor. 

And it’s more than just selecting the best cryptocurrencies that offer the greatest potential reward with the lowest risk factor. It’s also about sidestepping the hordes of pretenders and pitfalls that permeate the space. 

Chris has a proven knack for steering his Crypto Cycle audience clear of the noise. 

For example, just this week, Cointelegraph, a Twitter account with 1.9M followers, sent out an erroneous tweet that read: BREAKING: SEC APPROVES ISHARES BITCOIN SPOT ETF.

That tweet was immediately picked up by a number of reputable media outlets, including Reuters and Bloomberg, who took the bait.  

Following that colossal blunder, the top brass at Cointelegraph had no choice but to issue a full-stop apology:

Cointelegraph had no choice but to issue a full-stop apology

You may be wondering… was Chris among those who fell prey to this disinformation? 

Not a chance!

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Chris, as his Crypto Cycle subscribers well know, has been pounding the table for months that he does not expect to see Bitcoin ETF approvals until next spring!

It’s that type of industry insight and experience that allows Chris to navigate the cryptosphere with a clear mind and steady hand.

So whether you’re a beginner crypto investor, like me, or a more experienced trader — next Thursday is LAUNCH DAY!     

I spoke with Chris this morning. He says he’s beyond excited to finally be getting his $50K crypto portfolio off and running to the benefit of his forthcoming Million Dollar Crypto Club subscribers.  

And with a multitude of catalysts in play for early 2024, the forthcoming crypto gains could be even greater than the 20X ones I mentioned earlier.

You’re in the right place to receive your personal invite. Chris hopes to see you all next week!

Mike Fagan

Mike Fagan
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle