Is the S&P in a New Bull Market? - Bizarro World 212

Here we go again. In every bear market rally we’ve seen over the last year, there were calls being made that a new bull market had started. Those bullish calls were all wrong. We discuss why the current calls for a new bull market will be proved wrong as well. We also talk about where we are in the commodity cycle, especially as it relates to junior mining stocks. We cover the recent doom and gloom surrounding the dedollarization narrative. A look at a new salt deal. Plus your weekly update on Patriot Battery Metals. It’s all in episode 212 of Investing in Bizarro World. 

0:00 Intro
1:35 Overall Markets: Still Bearish?
7:58 Are We Near Bottom in the Junior Mining Space?
13:35 Patriot Battery Metals Update (in light of Liontown offer)
25:15 Tightening, Dedollarization, Doom, Gloom
31:07 A New Salt Deal

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