Investing in Bitcoin, Gold & Uranium - Bizarro World 260

Watch this if you missed Bitcoin’s run to record-high prices near $70,000. 

Also watch it if you missed gold’s run to record-high prices near $2,195 ounce.

Or if you missed uranium’s run to 17-year highs over $105 per pound.

It’s the 260th episode of Investing in Bizarro World

And we’ve talked about these themes a lot over the years. So don’t say we didn’t tell you so. 

In this week’s issue, we visit them anew. 

We look behind the curtain to see why gold is at all-time highs alongside stocks and with still-high interest rates. 

We look at Bitcoin’s run and how Chris Curl has used it to double the $50,000 we gave him to invest. (You can see what he’s buying here.)

We cover uranium’s recent textbook correction and what could kick off the next move higher. 

And speaking of next moves higher, we take a look at the broader CRB Commodity Index and how it began a supercycle in 2020 that pulled back for nearly all of 2023. We conclude that Phase 2 of the commodity supercycle is imminently approaching if it isn’t already here. 

Plus, a good old-fashioned rant on Google’s botched launch of its Gemini AI platform, Spokane’s new mayor, and how they’re microcosms of America’s greater problems. 

It’s all in episode 260 of Investing in Bizarro World.

0:00 Intro
1:27 Why Is Gold at All-Time Highs
13:20 How to Play Bitcoin All-Time Highs
17:21 Uranium’s Next Move
24:04 Google’s Botched AI, Spokane’s New Mayor, and Nick’s Rant
37:46 Phase 2 Commodity Supercycle Kickoff