Introducing: Private Placement Intel - Bizarro World 246

That thing you anticipated for so long is now happening.

I’m talking about the bull market in uranium and uranium equities. After the long wait since Fukushima in 2011, uranium prices have now broken out to 16-year highs above $80 per pound. Related stocks are responding in kind. We’ve been telling you to buy several of the best uranium stocks in this video. Today, we assess where we are in the uranium cycle and how to play it. 

Bitcoin breaks out. We’ve been anticipating this as well by offering you access to our Million Dollar Crypto Club. That portfolio is now off to the races as Bitcoin moves north of $40,000. We discuss what’s driving that in today’s podcast episode. 

Plus: Gerardo and I have joined forces to bring you Private Placement Intel, leveraging both our networks to offer high-net-worth and professional investors access to high-quality private placements. Our first deal is a uranium private placement. You can learn more about that here. We discuss why private placements can be so lucrative in today’s episode. 

All that plus record-high gold prices and more can be found in episode 246 of Investing in Bizarro World.

0:00 Intro
3:36 All-Time High Gold
8:03 Uranium’s Undeniable Bull Market
12:20 Bitcoin Breaks Out
16:03 Private Placement Intel
22:47 Cobre Panama Mine Underscores Why Jurisdiction Matters
29:02 Munger, Kissinger… Generational Turning
34:19 Patriot Battery: There’s Only One Corvette

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