How AI Protects Your Home

While artificial intelligence is making waves in content creation and productivity, you’re going to be hearing a lot more about it in other aspects of society too. 

One sector that isn’t talked about as much is home security. 

Everyone wants to protect what’s theirs and be able to enjoy peace of mind in their own home. 

So any technology that makes that easier has the potential to make waves. 

It’s why home security companies are increasingly jumping on the AI bandwagon. 

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How AI Protects Your Home.

Some of the home security technologies that use AI include: 

  1. Video Doorbells: This is probably the home security technology most people are familiar with. The Ring video doorbell is what you likely picture when you think of this because it’s become the most well-known example of this tech. But there are many others out there. The AI in these doorbells offers motion detection and face detection and recognition. They can also detect bodies so that you can see if someone is near your home even if they aren’t approaching your door. 
  2. Smoke Alarms: Smoke alarms are often overlooked despite being one of the most important devices in any home. Thanks to advances in AI, there are now smoke alarms that can do things like warn you about fire and carbon monoxide dangers via smartphone, point out the exact location of a hazard, and self-test for battery integrity. Peace of mind in your own home is important, and AI-powered smoke detectors can provide just that. 
  3. Door and Window Sensors: Protecting your home means safeguarding the entry points. Sensors on your windows and doors are ideal for doing just that. Any time one opens, these will send out a chime alerting you to the action. Where AI comes in here is that these devices can be integrated with home networks like Amazon Alexa so that you can receive alerts and notifications when something happens. 
  4. Indoor Cameras: Securing the inside of the home is just as important. Whether you have a caretaker for your children, a housesitter, or pets who are alone for much of the day, cameras make it easier for you to have peace of mind when you’re away. Some of the cameras on the market can provide facial recognition so you can tell familiar faces from unfamiliar ones. Pattern detection is also a feature these devices are sold on. With this, the camera's AI can tell when something is out of place in a given situation. These key security features can send instant alerts to the homeowner, making it easy to take action when something is out of place. 
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Worldwide, the home security industry is projected to grow to almost $100 billion by 2030, up from $42 billion in 2021. So you can see why companies are coming out with their own solutions to chase that revenue. With AI taking the industry by storm, all kinds of innovations could be on the horizon in the sector. Next week, I’ll be back with an article outlining some of the companies offering AI-powered home security so you can get a sense of what these companies are offering their customers.

The four types of devices outlined above form the foundation of a strong, AI-based home security network. For a homeowner, they work together to make sure the home is protected and the family is kept safe. 

Beyond that, they can be used to build a security network that law enforcement can use to keep communities safe. 

This is what one company did with its experimental technology in Benito Juarez, a borough of Mexico City. The technology it deployed integrated with camera and home security networks already in place. The company also offered citizens a downloadable app that connected them with authorities.

With security being made a community effort, crime in the area dropped 45% in only a year. Now, that company wants to bring this tech to public spaces here in the US. 

Crime is on the rise and the epidemic of mass shootings is ever-present. This company’s technology has the chance to make a lasting impact in keeping our streets safe. 

And it allows investors to profit. 

Learn more about the company’s technology and just how it’s looking to change the face of security in America in this new presentation.

Ryan Stancil

Ryan Stancil
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle