Helium: More Valuable Than Gold

Most people think of party balloons when they think of helium.

But its uses go far beyond birthday parties and graduation ceremonies. 

At extremely cold temperatures, helium gas becomes a liquid that’s proving more valuable than gold itself. 

We’re talking about temperatures approaching ‘absolute zero,’ which is the coldest anything can be in the universe.

At extremely cold temperatures, helium gas becomes a liquid that’s proving more valuable than gold itself.

If you’ve ever had an MRI, liquid helium was there to cool the superconducing magnets that make the entire process possible. 

That’s because, at these ultra-low temperatures, liquid helium exhibits zero electrical resistance — a phenomenon known as superconductivity. 

In addition to MRIs, helium’s grand status as a superconductive material makes it a critical liquid in everything from quantum computing, nuclear magnetic resonance, astronomy, and space exploration. 

But there’s a major problem.

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The world is quickly running out of helium.

As the only element on the periodic table considered a non-renewable resource, most of the world’s helium is locked away deep underground, usually as a mixture with natural gas.

And when helium gas is exposed to the air, it simply disappears into space never to be recovered.

Global production has been so scarce of late that experts have labeled the situation Helium Shortage 4.0.   

Helium: More Valuable Than Gold.

Buyers are now paying upwards of US$1,000+ per thousand cubic feet (MFC) when, just a couple of years ago, they were paying a mere fraction of that for their helium requirements. 

As a result, industry analysts expect the growing supply/demand imbalance to support higher helium prices and demand growth through 2028 where the market could balloon — no pun intended — to US$6.5 billion.

For investors, Helium Shortage 4.0 represents an opportunity to capitalize on the select few companies that are positioned to become the NEXT helium producers — particularly in stable, mining-friendly regions such as North America.

Canada is fast becoming a key helium jurisdiction where the production of helium gas is considered cleaner, or “greener” than in most other places around the globe.

That’s because, in Canada’s unique geological setting, helium gas is found in such high concentrations that it can be extracted directly, rather than as a byproduct of natural gas production, which emits high levels of methane. 

So the million-dollar question is… who are Canada’s next key helium producers? 

We have that answer for you in our brand new report on an upstart Canadian exploration firm that’s finalizing construction of its very first helium production plant.

The plant will initially be fed by two of the company’s 100%-owned helium wells.

And there’s more... much more. 

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This ultra-low priced helium firm is currently on the hunt for additional high-concentration helium reservoirs on its massive Canadian land package, which spans an incredible 4,000 sq km (nearly a million acres) of prospective helium leases.

And the timing here is absolutely critical.

The company’s state-of-the-art plant will be up and running in a matter of months… which means it’s about to become Canada’s next key helium producer. 

With the high-demand gas about to start flowing, the company has preemptively secured multiple offtake agreements for its upcoming production, including one such agreement with a well-known, soon-to-be-revealed space exploration firm. 

With all this activity heating up, the company’s shares, incredibly, are trading quietly… in fact, practically undiscovered by Wall Street below 30-cents US. 

For fellow contrarians, it’s an ideal entry-window just before the company’s first helium plant goes online.

Once the helium gas, or future ‘liquid gold’ starts flowing, that window to get in early and low will likely be slammed shut forever.

Timing is everything folks... make sure you get your hands on our eye-opening report now.

Mike Fagan

Mike Fagan
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle