Gold Stocks for the Short and Long Term - Bizarro World 257

Inflation remains hot. 

We’ve been telling you that would be the case. But what it means for markets has recently changed because of other factors. 

So it’s time to pay attention. 

We break down what it means for interest rates, the stock market, and especially gold in this week’s episode of Investing in Bizarro World. 

We talk about billionaires and prominent market forecasters — like Stanley Druckenmiller and John Paulson — who have been increasing their gold bets. 

We talk about gold’s past and present correlations with the US Dollar and bond yields, and how you can use that to position in gold and gold stocks. 

And we show you how to think about gold in the short- and long-term to make yourself a better investor. (Next week, Gerardo will have a new gold stock investment opportunity for you, so keep an eye out for that.)

Then we get into the real meat of clean energy in a wide-ranging discussion about technologies that actually work and the Tier 1 deposits of minerals that will be needed to build them out. 

And in case you missed it, we’ve launched a technology-focused publication to help you profit from that ongoing bull market. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s called Digital Dispatch. You can check out the first issue here for free

We cover all that and more in episode 257 of Investing in Bizarro World. Click here for the full episode.

0:00 Intro
3:18 Macro Minute: Hot Inflation and Stock Market
8:07 Positioning for Gold in the Short- and Long-Term
18:01 The Real Meat of Clean Energy
30:00 A Complimentary Tech Update 
33:13 Jon Stewart’s Return