Fighting in the 2024 Lithium Stock Wars

Lithium stocks have come under pressure. 

Prices have come down significantly for lithium since 2023, dragging related stocks down with it. 

Is this the end of the trend? Or is it a dip to be bought in something that still has legs to run. 

We get right into it in episode 253 of Investing in Bizarro World, with nearly half the time this week being spent on this one topic. 

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From there we move into uranium, which remains firmly in a bull market with more room to go. We discuss how to manage a portfolio of uranium equities now that uranium is over $100 per pound. 

And then we take a look at the financial newsletter industry in which we operate. Some are saying it has lost its soul. We can assure you our heart is in real ideas worthy of real capital. Careful who you’re taking advice from, as some are pushing clickbait ideas not worth your investment dollars. 

Then we close out with market musings on inflation, gold, the stock market and economic growth. 

It’s all in episode 253 of Investing in Bizarro World.

0:00 Intro
1:05 Lithium Wars: Bulls vs Bears
19:04 Managing a Real Uranium Portfolio
24:12 Has the Financial Newsletter Industry Lost Its Soul
33:41 Homelessness, Government, and Religion
38:38 Market Musings: Inflation, Gold, Stock Market, Economic Growth

Call it like you see it,

Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge
Publisher, Daily Profit Cycle