Crypto Tutorials and Model Portfolio

Some people say that crypto is too complex. 

I know this because some of you have called in and said as much. 

Sometimes you have to do a little legwork to put yourself in a position to drink upstream from the herd. 

And I chose those words wisely because I'm thinking of Mr. James Dines in this instance.

He began writing his newsletter in 1960. It was then illegal to own gold. He recommended owning gold and gold stocks anyway — against the wishes of his employer — and made “killings” in doing so.  

It wasn’t easy to own gold stocks then. You had to buy them in South Africa or Australia. 

Complex? For sure at the time. 

Worth it? If you know, you know. 

Crypto is no different today. 

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It presents the same opportunity. And you may have to open a new account or two and learn some new names to seize it. 

That’s why we’ve made it easy for you. 

We are coming up on the halving, which Chris has written to you time and again about. 

He said it would usher in new highs. And here we are at Bitcoin +$70,000. 

DPC bitcoin tops 72000 chart.JPG

Our crypto portfolio is now moving higher quickly. Like South African gold stocks in the 1960s and 1970s. 

bitcoin wallet tutorialIf you have a question, you can ask us. 

Chris has done a great job of providing these tutorials that show exactly how to do it. He even goes step by step and records the screen. 

We are knowledgeable about the space.

Chris has profited from each of the previous three halvings reaching back over a decade. He has been around the block. He’s pulled a 90X with Dogecoin. 

And he holds quarterly call-ins to get your questions answered. 

He has several other recommendations, with some moving higher much faster than Bitcoin in percentage terms. 

Chris and many others in the space that have been around since the early days of crypto see much higher prices ahead based in the upcoming scarcity that’s written in to the code of 

So it might be new to you. And it might be a little different with a little bit of a learning curve.

But some of these altcoins — like those gold stocks all those years ago — are going up hundreds of thousands of percent.

And I bet if you were on the other side of that trade looking back, you wouldn't be complaining about the legwork necessary to open up a new kind of account.

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The $50,000 we gave Chris is now approaching a tripling. He remains confident he can turn it into a million dollars. 

You can check it out here when you’re ready to start following along. 

And you can do so absolutely risk-free. Go sign up, watch the tutorials. Attend a quarterly call-in or call up our wonderful customer engagement department to get your questions answered.

If you don't like what you see, get your money back. 

It doesn’t get much less complex than that. 

Call it like you see it,

Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge
Publisher, Daily Profit Cycle