Celebrating Financial Independence

Fellow Investor,

Happy 4th of July! 

Over this past “long” weekend I took a few minutes, in the midst of early fireworks shows, cookouts, and scattered thunderstorms to reflect on the concept of freedom.

Celebrating Financial Independence.

In particular, how it relates to finances.

As someone who’s had a fair share of common financial setbacks (student loans, buying a house just before the 2008 crash, owning a local business that was ambushed by inflation…) I know what it’s like to feel pinned down under the thumb of circumstances that are far bigger and more powerful than I am. There have been some soul crushing moments.

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But they also helped me truly appreciate what I’ve slowly, carefully, thoughtfully built: a sense of freedom.

Now, I certainly haven’t accomplished all my goals. Nor do I always have a rosy disposition when I look at my trading accounts. But I DO appreciate that things have changed for me — something has been built.

And while experience has taught me that it’s not as durable as I would like, I DO take comfort in knowing that I’ve also learned how to preserve what I have in new ways.

I don't know what situation you’re facing this holiday. 

You may be going through one of the hard times (I hear you, friend, you’re not alone in what you’re balancing. Keep going).

Or you may have finally pulled ahead from some of those circumstances.

Or you may be feeling well off and looking where to grow and expand from here.

But whatever your circumstances, allow yourself today to experience a little bit of freedom. I don’t mean this in a cheesy “count your blessings” kind of a way — I’m talking about a celebration of the things you’ve learned and done right. 

I’m confident that however this message finds you, you’ve done something right. It deserves to be celebrated. Even if it’s small, it’s a moment of freedom that you’ve earned.

Here at Digest Publishing, this is what we’re all about.

Every single one of our editors has had to make this journey.

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Nick Hodge didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in his mouth. While he’s been fortunate to have some great contacts in the financial business (like Rick Rule and Jeff Phillips), Nick has still had to make his own way financially. All of his success has come from learning something from each and every trade (and many of those lessons have been hardwon). His services Foundational Profits and Hodge Family Office have been built from the ground up on these concepts.

Gerardo Del Real used a hammer and saw to acquire his first investment capital, working hard day-in, day-out to flip houses back in the early 2000s. He took what he made and poured it all into the resource space, knowing that our world can only be constructed with commodities and raw materials. His service Junior Resource Monthly still follows this strict philosophy.

Chris Curl grew up in the woods of Virginia, in an area where nothing was known about financial independence. The boom-bust cycle of the markets and corrupt machinations of the stock market made him even more skeptical of the financial world. But then Chris found crypto. It was disruptive, innovative, and chaotic — the perfect fit for Chris’ sense of the world. Chris has enjoyed outstanding success from the crypto boom. And even during the crypto winter, he’s still found places to profit. His research service Crypto Cycle is essential reading for any investor who’s ready to ride the waves of this trillion-dollar market.

Ryan Stancil and Mike Fagan have each had their own version of this wealth-building journey — and they’re not finished yet. As you read each week here in Daily Profit Cycle, they’re covering the must-read topics that matter most for investors. And Ryan joins me at our publication Profit Cycle Pro, where we cover the macro markets and news events that can make or break your portfolio. Ryan and I are riding high on recent wins in the AI space (150% gains in 2 months). And it’s just one of the macro events that’s made us gains this year — there’s plenty more ahead.

Today we’re collectively celebrating what we’ve learned as independent investors. It hasn’t always been easy… but it IS worthwhile in the end. 

As today reminds us all: the fight is what makes freedom so valuable.

John Carl

John Carl
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle