Beat the Bear Market

Here are four recent stock news stories that you may have missed this past week. Inflation is continuing to erode everyone’s wealth, but in these stories lie plays that can help you protect your own. 

Beat the Bear: Recent Stock News Stories

Less for More Money 

You’ve definitely noticed your bill going up at the grocery store over the past few months, but have you noticed you’re running out of things faster too? Food and drink, toilet paper, even bars of soap. You’ve been paying the same, or more, for smaller quantities of these things. It’s called shrinkflation and it’s something that goes hand in hand with rampant inflation. Labor, transport, and ingredient prices all climb, so companies have been cutting down on package sizes to stay profitable. The trend has been making the news and is likely to continue, so the best way to play it is to invest in something that can beat the long bear market. 

No More Blackouts

It looks like Texas learned from its past mistake. Last year, we heard about Texas’ power grid failing during the winter and leaving thousands of residents without electricity and heat. It was an easily avoidable disaster that made national news. Now, amid a heatwave throughout the state, residents are able to keep their air conditioning running so they can stay safe. This is thanks to a growing fleet of solar panels and wind turbines that are helping to generate power and keep the grid from being overloaded. Not only will these methods of power generation take on a bigger share in the future, but more states will see it works and follow suit. This is especially true as we revamp our country’s energy infrastructure. 

Biden Bets Big on Uranium 

The Biden administration unveiled a plan to buy $4.3 billion of uranium from domestic suppliers as the country seeks to cut off Russia. Officials from the US Department of Energy stated that a supply disruption would cause disruptions at commercial nuclear reactors and urged congressional approval. If passed, the government would be directly purchasing enriched uranium, including the kind used in new reactors that are under development. At this point, reliance on foreign sources of uranium is a matter of national security, so the administration is making projects like this a priority. If this proposal passes, you can expect to see uranium miners really begin to rake in the profits. 

Gold Remains Strong

As inflation continues to rise and global markets continue to fall, gold has remained resilient. It doesn’t have a long history of being a safe haven investment for nothing. Tom Palmer, CEO of Newmont Corp, believes that gold’s current price in the $1800 neighborhood is the floor and that it will stay around that level while the bear market continues. Compared to many other sectors, gold has managed to protect the wealth of those who invest in it. That should attract even more attention as more investors look for places to park their money as opportunities for investment continue to vanish. Over time, when the market recovers, gold will then take off along with everything else.

Ryan Stancil

Ryan Stancil
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle