As gold marches toward all-time highs, my presentation on the billionaire's gold pick is just days away

We’re within $50 of new all-time highs in the gold price (I’m aware that’s not adjusted for inflation) and yet the price action in the gold equities continues to be a yawn fest.

  • Beat on your production guidance? Congrats and yawn.
  • Excellent drill results? Congrats and yawn.

Despite the push toward new all-time highs, which I think is ready for primetime in the second half of this year, sentiment in the gold space is as muted as I’ve seen in my 15-plus years doing this.

I could go on… but you’d yawn… which makes my contrarian heart smile.

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You can click here to learn about how I’ve made my money (and lost money as well, of course) being early and positioning aggressively in the resource space. It’s a high-risk/high-reward sector that rewards those that can mitigate the risk by selecting assets with scale, in quality jurisdictions, and with management that has its share structure and interests aligned with shareholders.

Checking all of those boxes can be tricky… but checking most boxes along with a little luck can go a long way.

Which is why a few years back, I visited a project that I felt had the potential to check most of those boxes. I liked what I saw so much that I decided to go back with my business partner and friend Mr. Nick Hodge. Heck, a mentor of ours who never does site visits even decided to come along. 

The trip was filled with a who’s-who of experts from high net worth private investors to managers of the largest gold funds in the world.

When I dug further to see who was on the shareholder registry, I was a bit surprised that the largest shareholder was a billionaire who has made billions by being a contrarian. They even made a blockbuster movie about it.
The company now has a runway of catalysts that should send it to new highs. The timing couldn’t be better.

Another well-known billionaire known for being a contrarian, Stanley Druckenmiller, just dumped his tech stocks and is rotating into gold equities.

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That’s why I’m releasing my detailed presentation on why I think the time is right for new all-time highs in the gold space AND for this gold company.

If the catalysts that are likely to materialize over the coming months come to pass, then I think the company will be a prime takeout target. I don’t believe the billionaire shareholder is looking to “build” a gold mine anytime soon, and I believe this company’s asset checks ALL of the boxes for a profitable run.

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Let’s get it!

Gerardo Del Real

Gerardo Del Real
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle