All You Need to Know About Investing with Private Placements - Bizarro World 250

You should resolve to do a private placement in 2024.

Investing in private placements is the primary way Gerardo and I have built our market-based wealth. I tell readers that all the time. 

To kick off the New Year, I thought I’d show you a glimpse of the private placement world and why it can be so lucrative. 

After all, we’ve used private placements to buy stocks that went from 16-cents to $17. That’s a 10,500% run that turns every $10,000 invested into over $1 million. 

But if you’ve never participated in a private placement before, you likely have questions or may not even know what they are. 

And that’s why I dedicated an entire episode of Investing in Bizarro World to helping you understand the basics of private placements. That way you can do one for yourself this year. 

Whenever you’re ready, you can check out our private placement product called Private Placement Intel, to get started. We actually have a private placement open now that you can participate in through January 4th. Click here for more info. 

Get all your private placement questions answered in episode 250 of Investing in Bizarro World. 

0:00 Intro
1:39 What Is a Private Placement?
3:38 How Does a Private Placement Work?
4:58 Do You Need to Be an Accredited Investor?
7:56 Why Can Private Placements Be So Lucrative?
11:48 Is There a Required Minimum to Invest in Private Placements?
13:32 How Do You Find and Get Access to Private Placements?

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