A Deep Dive on the Crypto Resurgence - Bizarro World 247

This week’s episode of Investing in Bizarro World is dense and info-packed. 

We spend the first 15 minutes on macro market themes, starting with why we’re still in a bear market for stocks along with a discussion of recent economic data points. 

Then we move onto commodities. Specifically, we look at gold, silver, copper, oil, and uranium — including recent trends and positioning. 

And then the bulk of the episode features a special guest. 

In-house crypto expert Chris Curl joins us for a deep dive on the crypto resurgence. He outlines the catalysts he’s watching that will drive higher crypto prices. We discuss how to simplify crypto investing, including by investing in companies and ETFs. And he concludes with a very bold Bitcoin price forecast and an easy way for you to get involved in crypto investing.

It’s all in episode 247 of Investing in Bizarro World

0:00 Intro
1:44 Why It’s Still a Bear Market
5:50 Gold, Silver, Copper, Oil, Uranium
14:46 Another Mass Shooting
18:03 Is The Rock Cooking Up a Presidential Run?
20:02 A Deep Dive on the Crypto Resurgence

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