What I Told the CNBC Guy About Inflation

In this week’s episode of Bizarro World, Gerardo and I cover the inflation narrative now being told in the mainstream media: namely that it’s transitory. 

And how none of those talking heads warned of coming inflation ahead of time. 

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I got into it with Dominic Chu at CNBC the other day because he was saying that lumber prices got “a serious reality check'' and that its high prices were “transitory”. 

I told him that lumber prices were still up 160% in the past year, which is the real reality check. 

He said people should buy a house if they’re worried about inflation… I said they can’t because they’re being priced out by the, uh, inflated housing prices. 

Dominic clearly hasn’t been in copper and oil stocks as they’ve out-inflated the rest of the market. 

But you could’ve been. I’ve been talking about it manifesting inflation for the past year on the podcast.

The new episode is out now.

We also talk about Texans being asked — and then perhaps forced — to ration electricity. 

In the winter the Texas grid failed because they said it was built for the summer. Well, it’s summer now… so why is the grid still failing? 

I have a profitable solution for that, too. The CNBC folks will be talking about it in six months. 

Call it like you see it, 

Nick Hodge
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle

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