Bizarro World Episode 135: Profound Effects



We go over this week’s stock market selloff because it was the “worst” one in six months. But the Evergrande and global contagion stuff is overblown. We discuss why the stock market is poised to inflate to new highs. The inflation the government says doesn’t exist is everywhere. And so are refugees and homeless. Funny how that works. Why AOC’s ‘tax the rich’ stunt and conservative hand-wringing over Afghanistan are both partisan stunts to be ignored. Focus instead on that chicken breast you just ate, which has this lovely new disease.

1:00 Market: Stock Selloff, VIX, Buying Opportunities
9:48 Buy Bitcoin Dip?
11:20 Inflation Everywhere: Gas, Housing, Lithium
13:45 Refugees, Immigrants, Homeless & Getting Proactive
23:35 Facebook Cesspool, Misinformation, Partisan Hypocrisy 
27:28 Tax the Rich vs Tax the Wealthy & Corporations
32:22 Blood on My Hands: Conservative Pandering in Song Form
39:00 The Disease of Industrial Meat
45:37 Market Watching: Earnings Coming Up, Taper Talk, Gold