Bizarro World Episode 128: Threats to Democracy



Gerardo and Nick discuss recent gold and gold stock action at length. Gold has turned positive as bond yields have fallen, and gold stocks have moved up as well. Is economic growth slowing as reopenings level off and new shutdowns loom? What are the real threats to our democracy. We cover all that, plus: a cryptocurrency and collectibles update.

1:50 Markets: Gold, Gold Equities, Bond Yields
5:07 Junior Gold Stocks
9:35 Growth Slowing?
12:10 Policies of Right and Left: Handouts & Polarization
17:24 Insurrection, Law Enforcement, Threats to Democracy
26:07 Larry Nassar, Olympic Sexual Assault, FBI Failings
35:10 News Recap: Norwegian Athletes, Asteroids, Tsunami Warnings, Workers Gain Power
39:58 Cryptocurrency Update
42:08 Hard Assets & Collectibles to Infinity? (Link to interview with Van Simmons)