Research Reports

Crypto Investing for Beginners

The safe and smart way to crypto gains in 2024. Many people feel overwhelmed by the perceived complexity of cryptocurrencies and are afraid to invest in what is clearly a volatile asset class. But the truth is, it’s extremely easy to get your feet wet trading cryptocurrencies. With major US exchanges like Coinbase, buying Bitcoin or Ether is in many ways easier than traditional stocks.  

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Navigating the Psychedelics Sector

A major push is now happening now in the psychedelics space with a particular focus on the hallucinogen psilocybin — aka, magic mushrooms. But don’t trip! Find out if investors should be ‘Betting the pharm’ in 2024.

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Navigating the AI Investment Landscape: Insights from ARK's Portfolio

The era of artificial intelligence (AI) is upon us, and staying ahead means pinpointing the prime movers before they dominate headlines. "Navigating the AI Investment Landscape: Insights from ARK's Portfolio" offers our own take on the AI-centric investment strategies led by popular investment guru Cathie Wood at ARK Investment Management.

This timely report explores how ARK seizes opportunities in AI-related stocks, far beyond the typical tech giants that currently overshadow markets. As AI reshapes every industry, this report is your guide to the hidden prospects that could herald the next wave of technological disruption. Join us to uncover ARK's approach to investing in the fertile ground of AI innovation—a frontier with the promise of redefining the investment landscape.

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A Primer on Investing in Gold

At the root of the matter, gold has been around for thousands of years as a store of value and a medium of exchange. And so in that sense, it's been a currency for millennia. Multiple cultures that never met each other thought it to be valuable in Asia and in Europe and Africa and South America. So humanity, as a species and as a global culture, has gravitated towards this metal for a long time as something that is inherently valuable. This primer is for readers who are new to Digest Publishing or investors who are interested in learning more about gold and how to invest in it.

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Exploring the 5 Hottest Bitcoin Mining Companies to Buy in 2024

As Bitcoin continues to cement its place as digital gold, savvy investors are looking for the best mining companies to invest in. Our latest report, "Exploring the 5 Hottest Bitcoin Mining Companies to Buy in 2024", takes you inside the world of Bitcoin mining. We detail operations, hash power, and financials that make these companies stand out.

Despite the debates surrounding environmental impacts, these miners have pioneered sustainable practices—transforming excess energy into profitable ventures while marrying legacy industrial infrastructures with cutting-edge cryptocurrency demands. These practices not only support grid stability but also catapult their operations to the forefront of innovation.

Discover why Riot Blockchain, Marathon Digital Holdings, Bitfarms Ltd., HIVE Blockchain Technologies, and Hut 8 Mining Corp are top picks for those seeking to diversify their portfolio with cryptocurrency exposure.

Join us as we dive into the operations shaping the future of finance and technology, paving the way for the next Bitcoin bull market.

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Beyond ChatGPT: How Artificial Intelligence is Shaping the Investment Landscape

AI is transforming society, and it’s creating one of the biggest investment opportunities of the next decade.

A brand-new report, Beyond ChatGPT: How Artificial Intelligence is Shaping the Investment Landscape explains just what this technology is doing for a variety of industries and how investors are taking advantage.

Read all about it and see just why you can’t miss this once-in-a-generation investment opportunity.

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Securing Outsized Copper Gains in 2H 2023

Contrarians are positioning RIGHT NOW for what industry experts believe will be an historic copper shortfall that could last for decades. From EVs to wind and solar energy to next-generation infrastructure projects… it all comes to a grinding halt without the red metal. Inside, we have the smartest and safest way to position for gains in what’s shaping up to be a protracted copper bull market in 2023-24.

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Oil Stock Gains in 2H 2023

2023 is setting up to be another solid year for oil stock gains. We’ve got you covered every step of the way, from the top producers and refiners to the best-performing sector ETFs… plus our TOP-PICKS from each category.

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Helium Shortage 4.0

Imagine… rushing a loved one to the hospital with a life-threatening emergency such as a possible stroke only to find out the medical staff can’t confirm your suspicions because the MRI machine is inoperable due to lack of one critical element: helium. The global helium shortage is so dire, MRI machines may become inoperable. We’ve compiled our list of the best helium stocks to boost your portfolio in 2023.

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Clean-Energy Profits

Nuclear energy is poised to be one of the biggest investment stories of the next decade because everyone needs the uranium behind it and there isn’t enough to go around. This is going to replace fossil fuels and reinvent our power grids. This report shows you how there’s profit to be made from the few uranium deposits here in the US that are poised to corner the market.

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Gearing Up for Gold Profits

Gold is soaring into 2023… and the gains look to be absolutely spectacular. Our report covers the yellow metal’s ascension toward all-time highs in the face of rampant inflation as the Fed’s house-of-cards comes crashing down.

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2023 Lithium Shortage

Lithium is the #1 clean-energy source driving the global EV boom. Our FREE report details the multitude of profit opportunities ahead as miners, automakers, and entire nations race to secure ample supply in the face of an ever-widening supply gap for the aptly-named “white petroleum!”

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A Guide to Today’s Crypto Market

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin didn’t exist 20 years ago. But since their genesis in the late 2000s, they’ve moved from being a niche topic of interest among computer programmers and libertarians — to being one of the highest-returning and most-frequently-discussed investments on the market today.

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