Why the Bitcoin "Halving" Will Change Everything

We’re not far off now!

In 7 days, 8 hours, and 31 minutes Bitcoin will make itself more valuable using a price mechanism called the “halving” that was hard-coded into Bitcoin from the very beginning. The point of it is to boost the price and limit inflation.

Here’s how it works: in a single moment, once Bitcoin’s blockchain ledger reaches a certain block, it’ll reduce the mining reward by exactly half (that’s why it’s called the halving). So that means that the tens of thousands of computers that run Bitcoin transactions will get half of what they used to, instantly reducing the supply of new Bitcoins. 

The law of supply and demand takes it from there — pushing up the price against all traditional currencies, including the dollar.

(As I’ve said several times to my friends: it’s too bad the dollar doesn’t have something like the halving. It’s headed in the opposite direction thanks to runaway price inflation and Uncle Sam’s printing press.)

The Bitcoin “Halving” is Only 34 Days, 11 Hours Away

This major price event (written into Bitcoin’s original code) will send the price of Bitcoin soaring... and make smart investors rich. The Bitcoin “halving” has happened 3 times already, and each time it’s led to an incredible increase in price, just as it was intended to do. Find out why this will likely be the biggest halving yet.

The halving has occurred three times already — and each and every single one has led to a major movement in price. And now, with the 4th Halving just days away, we’re already seeing a positive price impact due to all the anticipation, as you can see in the chart below.

bitcoin halving history

In fact, the 4th Halving is likely to be the biggest halving we’ve seen yet. 

Especially when you consider the following factors...

  • It’s the first halving where Bitcoin is available to most of the investing public, thanks to the recent approval of the spot Bitcoin ETFs from BlackRock, Fidelity, Grayscale, and nearly a dozen others
  • It’s the first halving to be accompanied by major inflation in fiat currencies, most especially by the dollar, the pound, and the yuan. That makes Bitcoin even more valuable by comparison
  • It’s the first halving to have such a major increase of demand, as everyone from institutions to retail investors continue to buy up the supply

Once this 4th Halving occurs, it’ll change everything we know about value. Bitcoin is using the halving to make itself more valuable, and the shift can be measured in trillions of dollars. Its market cap is already $1.3 trillion, up from the $1.28 trillion it hit during the last crypto boom in 2021.

Crypto investors have been watching and waiting for this day, and now it’s almost here. 
But if you want to make the most money from it as an investor, it’s about a lot more than just buying some Bitcoin and calling it a day. 

As for me? I’m following the advice of my colleague Chris Curl, who guided me to record gains the last time around. Chris has put together a detailed “playbook” to maximize the profit potential of this event, which he’s sharing with his Crypto Cycle readers. You can watch his new video that explains all of the hows and whys of how it works.

It’s hosted by yours truly — when our production team was looking for someone to introduce Chris, I offered up my services as a volunteer. This wasn’t an act of charity. As I said, I’m a crypto investor myself, and Chris made me more than 10x my money during the last crypto boom. Not just on Bitcoin, but a whole host of different cryptos, including some that many investors had never even heard of. Chris has the insights that’ll make all the difference. Many investors will likely become millionaires.

So I’m a true believer and I’m putting my money where my mouth is on this one. I urge you to find out why Bitcoin’s halving is going to change everything while there’s still time.

Make it your own,

John Carl

John Carl
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle