Why It's Only Bear Market Halftime - Bizarro World 197

Nick and Gerardo look back on this year's market action and then discuss where we're heading next. With negative earnings growth and a recession still to come, they go over some of their current investment positioning. Precious metals are getting bullish. A lithium stock and market update. Plus coverage of the ongoing FTX and SBF fallout. This is episode 197 of Bizarro World.

1:11 Broad Market Analysis: Earnings, Oil, Recession, Bond Yields, Current Positioning
7:18 Gold Getting Bullish, Commodities Strengthening
13:32 Crypto Bosses Are Dying. Bottom?
18:33 Herschel Walker’s Nonsensical Ramblings
22:29 Was It Worth Getting Brittney Griner Back?
27:17 Rail Strike: Biden’s a ‘Union Man’ Until They Do Union Things
30:40 Ongoing FTX Crypto Fallout
40:14 Lithium Stock Update