Why Investors Should Pay Attention to CES

Last week wrapped up the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the annual trade event where companies show off the latest and greatest in upcoming tech. 

For most, that means getting a view of what’s coming in TVs, computers, smart devices, and a range of other products. 

In recent years, CES has also become the place to show up-and-coming tech from car companies. That’s only become more prominent with the recent push to convert to electric cars. 

Now that every manufacturer you can think of has offerings in the sector, more headline space is being taken up by what they have to show off at the conference. 

Volkswagen, for instance, made a splash with its new sedan, the ID.7.

Volkswagen made a splash with its new sedan, the ID.7.

What they debuted at the show is camouflaged ahead of the production model’s reveal in the fall. It’s set to be a direct competitor with Tesla’s popular Model 3 when it launches worldwide sometime in 2024. 

Then you have Sony and Honda, who collaborate on a joint venture called Sony Honda Mobility. Together they announced a new brand called Afeela. 

Sony and Honda collaborated on a joint venture called Sony Honda Mobility. Together they announced a new brand called Afeela.

The company’s first car, another midsize sedan, will be up for preorder in 2025 with the first deliveries happening in 2026. 

Volvo also showed off its new EX90 SUV, which will be on the market for the 2024 model year.

Volvo showed off its new EX90 SUV, which will be on the market for the 2024 model year.

These are just some of the cars that show the path manufacturers are taking over the coming decade. With EVs gaining traction on their way to becoming the norm, you can expect car companies to have bigger presences at places like CES.

The aim is to sell consumers on things like the latest safety features and newest offerings and infotainment systems, which were all front and center at the manufacturer presentations at CES. 

This, of course, is on top of the benefits EVs offer as far as getting away from fossil fuels. With states mandating that new gas car sales be banned within the next few decades, car companies have been massively stepping up all efforts to change production and capture their piece of the pie. 

It’s why this EV boom is ushering in a necessary boom in factory building. 

Up through November of 2022, there’s been about $33 billion in new car factory investment pledged in the US. These new factories are being used to assemble EVs and the batteries that power them. With recent legislation signed into law providing incentives for car companies that build EVs, these numbers are only going to continue going up. 

As an investor, it’s a sector you want to pay attention to, but not necessarily to the car manufacturers. 

While there is a rush to grab market share of the vehicles being sold, those vehicles all need lithium for their batteries.

There is a rush to grab market shares on electric vehicles, but they all need lithium batteries.

That crucial element is what really ties it all together. The car companies know that all too well. That’s why they’re fighting to make sure they have enough of it on top of building the plants to make their cars. 

It’s reached a point where the car companies are forming partnerships with mining companies to get their supply. Elon Musk himself has floated the idea of buying his own lithium-producing company. That’s how big a deal this is. 

The sure way to make money off of this is to buy into the companies that can provide a consistent supply of the metal. 

There aren’t many, which is why the car makers are approaching them so aggressively. 

One in particular has so far flown under a lot of radars. That means the best time to make money by investing in it is right now. 

It’s run by an experienced CEO who has taken other lithium companies on triple-digit climbs in the past. His experience alone is enough to appeal to deep-pocketed car companies. 

The company is also sitting on a massive reserve that’s potentially worth billions of exactly the grade of lithium needed to create car batteries. It also has the only permitted project in North America that’s ready to start producing, so it has the advantages of location and deployability. 

Investment opportunities like this don’t come around often, so you want to act on this now. 

We’re still in the early stages of EV adoption, but the trend is only going to grow from here. 

Learn all of the details here and see just why this will be one of the smartest investments you can make over the next few years.

Ryan Stancil

Ryan Stancil
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle