Why Bitcoin's Halving Is an Altcoin Kickoff Party - Bizarro World 264

We’re adding $1 trillion to the national debt every 100 days. 

While the stock market remains near record highs, some alternative assets are now moving into uncharted territory. 

Gold closed out Q1 at never-before-seen levels north of $2,200, and has kicked off Q2 by moving above $2,300. 

This comes at the same time Bitcoin is hovering near $70,000 with the halving still to come this month. 

Crypto is about to get very interesting. 

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And that’s why we had Chris Curl as the guest this week on Investing in Bizarro World

He explains why newbies can get so easily burned in crypto — and how to easily avoid it. 

And he discusses why the halving this month is a kickoff party of sorts. 

He’s already got a six-figure crypto portfolio going. But he says everything that he’s shown readers of Crypto Cycle so far has really been in preparation for the next six to eight months.

Then he looks beyond that to discuss the longer-term implications of crypto, including why BlackRock might be moving to corner its application to traditional financial mechanisms — like a 24/7 tokenized stock market. 

And then we dive a bit deeper on what Layer 1 and 2 coins could be used in such applications. 

It’s all in episode 264 of Investing in Bizarro World.

0:00 Intro
1:27 This is where newbies miss out
7:49 Crypto and real estate, art, upward mobility
16:13 The altcoin-junior mining analogue