Why big tech needs nuclear power

Since last week: US labor market added 206,000 jobs and the unemployment rate rose to 4.1%, showing a cooling labor market.

1. Google Emissions

In just five years, Google has seen its greenhouse gas emissions surge 48% because of data center expansion for AI. It’s no secret that AI is power hungry, and with every tech giant pursuing it, increased emissions generation isn’t sustainable. This just creates another reason why nuclear power is going to be the future of electricity generation. That means people who invest in the uranium behind nuclear power will be some of the biggest winners in the market. Click here to learn about the uranium miners you should be buying.

2. Apple’s AI Shift

Speaking of Big Tech and AI, Apple’s recent announcements in the sector have given way to announcements regarding the company’s AI-related strategy. One aspect of that is the company pushing more software to keep customers coming back. This will make up for plateauing innovations in hardware, which has often been where Apple made much of its money. And while Apple will no doubt make its name in AI, there are three little-known companies set to make massive outsized gains in the space. Click here to learn all about them and why you should buy them before the big names do.

Why Elon is Furious at Apple

After putting billions into new AI technology, Elon’s most recent plans have been foiled by new announcements from Apple...

They’ve beat him to the punch for a key sector of the market. Find out why they’ve angered the passionate CEO — and how you can benefit as an investor.

3. EU Renewables

50% of public electricity generation in the European Union has come from renewables in the first half of 2024, putting the region well on track to meet its goals of reaching net zero by the end of the decade. This is a trend that we may see more of all over the world as countries get more serious about fighting climate change. Here in the US, we’ve already seen a good amount of investment in the sector, but that doesn’t mean more isn’t coming. Click here to learn more about one of the names you should be looking at to take advantage of the profit potential.

4. Copper’s Bright Outlook

Copper continues being a favored commodity of traders due to its growing demand in the green energy space. It enjoyed an uptrend for much of the year before recent pullbacks, but it is still a long-term favorite because of green energy and the fact that new supply is getting harder to extract. If you want to profit from copper riches, click here to learn more about one company that is making that possible for investors.

What to Look For

The labor market news could renew hopes of rate cut talks.

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Ryan Stancil
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